8 Beauty Faux Pas to Avoid ...


8 Beauty Faux Pas to Avoid ...
8 Beauty Faux Pas to Avoid ...

Beauty faux pas to avoid go way beyond those basic "thou shall nots" makeup and beauty gurus are warning us about. Poor conditioning, Halloween-like makeup, disregarding “best before” labels…those are some pretty obvious beauty faux pas to avoid. Let’s not stop there, shall we? Take a peek at this list of small beauty “crimes” most of us are bound to commit at some point and discover interesting, practical and easy-to-do solutions.

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Chipped Manicure

Speaking about the devil! A chipped manicure is not a small slight, lovelies! It’s beauty faux pas to avoid at all costs! Use a few spare moments to, at least, remove the chipped polish and apply a coat of clear, fast drying gloss to see you through until you’ve managed to have some time for yourself and either visit a manicurist or paint your nails at home. Darker colors are quicker to show signs of wear and metallic formulas often chip easily, which is why you might want to opt for something natural and long-wearing in times when you’re too busy to pay much attention to your nails.


Spidery Lashes

Overdoing your mascara could produce a reversed effect, turning your thick, sexy lashes into messy, crusted clumps with absolutely no volume to speak of! Not the effect you were going for, I’m sure, and your mascara might be the thing to blame. Try not to overdo your lashes too much – two coats will enhance your lashes perfectly while four are more likely to produce the unsightly spidery effect. You can also comb your lashes very carefully while your mascara is still wet – that should work like a charm.


Too Much Glitter

Looking like a Christmas tree in broad daylight isn’t the best look for anyone, beauty gurus warn. It’s one of those frequently talked about beauty mistakes to avoid and, let’s be open about it, we’ve all done it so, yeah… no reason to beat yourself about it. Add a few matte and satiny eye shadows to your makeup kit , promise yourself you’ll keep your base fresh and natural with only the faintest hint of fine-milled glitter on your crease or in the center of your lid and you’re off to a great start!


Overdone Brows

Faking a perfectly arched brow has never been a crime, although overdoing it to a point where an old photo of Madonna looks natural in comparison might earn you some serious scolding. I prefer a slanted brush and a matte eye shadow but you can use a brow pencil as well. Do make sure that the color you’re planning to use is not darker than your brows. Opt for a lighter one if you can’t find a perfect match.


Irregular Makeup Removal

Freshening up makeup on the go is perfectly fine, freshening up yesterday’s makeup, on the other hand, is so big a don’t, I ought to underline it in red…twice! You should give your skin a chance to breathe and recover whenever possible, even if that means applying your makeup twice a day or sleepwalking to the bathroom. A simple and fast to use package of makeup removing wet wipes is a godsend for those times when you’re so tired you’re likely to doze off while brushing your teeth. Have it at hand and you’ll never risk committing this terribly unhealthy beauty mistake again.


Inappropriate Choices

Well, well! Here’s one interesting beauty mistake to avoid! And whether it’s hair, makeup or nail color – it’s no secret that certain occasions make wearing certain things impossible. Would you show up in your office sporting pigtails, a flashy orange nail polish or makeup that’s more fit for clubbing than the workplace?


Skipping Steps

A wholesome beauty routine has very little to do with pricey products, yet still isn’t something you can just run through. Don’t forget to moisturize and prep your skin, giving it at least 10 minutes to soak in the nutrients before you start applying makeup. Cleanse thoroughly, hydrate every evening, exfoliate and use deep nourishing masks when needed. Sun block is a must, extra care in summer and harsh winter months as well. Don’t slack off…a youthful appearance and glowing skin are easily lost yet very difficult to get back.


Fake Bake Horror

Last on my list of both makeup and beauty faux pas to avoid, trying to look considerably tanner than Mother Nature considers you have the right to be, probably won’t give you the attention you want. Some ladies make the mistake of choosing a foundation a few shades darker than their skin, others do it a tad bit better yet end up abusing sunless lotions so much that their tan ends up looking more orange than bronze. Neither is good nor benefits your looks anyhow. Fake bake products will help you bridge the gap and fake the bronzed look but only if used sparingly.

But tell me, ladies, are there any other beauty mistakes to avoid? I’m sure there must be something you don’t like seeing and wouldn’t mind sharing a few tips on how to avoid it.

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I just wanna know.. Is sun block really work? Me & My Friend Don't think so..

Something I would suggest is using a teeth whitening product or getting them cleaned at the dentist before wearing red lipstick! You might feel confident wearing it, but if your teeth are yellow, it's not a flattering look.

Good tips. Although I don't think chipped nails or fake bake horror are faux pas anymore ( just my opinion) they're just kinda facts of life!

Chipped nails? That's kind of ridiculous because nails don't just chip at home. What if you chip them at work? Would you expect someone to run into the bathroom to touch up? It happens to me when I least expect it.

I'm pretty sure there was an article on here saying that child nails are GOOD...

Overdone brows I'm guilty on that one. I use light strokes now when doing my brows.

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