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7 Brilliant Bridal Beauty Tips to Try ...

By Lisa

Now that wedding season has arrived, let’s go over some bridal beauty tips to make sure you look your absolute best on your big day! If there’s one day you want to pull out all the stops and step up your beauty routine, it’s gotta be your wedding day! I know you’ll probably have a million things running through your mind that day. But if you keep these bridal beauty tips in mind, your makeup will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

1 Lash out

Let’s start off these bridal beauty tips by discussing our lashes. You’re definitely going to want your eyes to stand out and wearing falsies is a great way to make eyes pop! You can try eyelash extensions, glue-on false lashes, trying a lash growth treatment a few months ahead or just use mascara! Whatever method you choose, you’re probably going to want to weigh your options and try some of the looks out beforehand. Think about your lifestyle and what method would suit you best!

2 Get Dirty

Your hair is another big part of your overall look. Try doing your wedding hair with clean and dirty hair to see which works better. Sometimes, women find that their hair is much more cooperative when it’s dirty if they’re going to wear some hairstyles like an updo. I’m sure you’ll want to be fresh as a daisy when you tie the knot but dirty hair tends to give hair more grip and helps fine hair hold styles easier.

3 Water Works

This next bridal beauty tip is an absolute must! No matter how calm and collected you think you might be, play it safe and use waterproof eye makeup. Even if you don’t shed any tears, it could get hot or humid and you won’t have to worry about any smudged mascara or eyeliner ruining any photos or special moments with friends and family.

4 Turnaround Time

When you’re prepping for your wedding, don’t forget to have all your bases covered. This means making sure you’re paying attention to your back, chest, arms and legs like you do your neck and face. Sometimes we get so caught up in our makeup that we forget to take care of our bodies! Treat yourself to a body treatment at a spa or make sure you’re exfoliating and moisturizing your entire body regularly to prep you for the big day!

5 Glow Ahead

Another important beauty tip is to get your faux glow on a couple of days ahead of the big day. Most professional spray tans or at-home tanning sprays look their best a couple of days after the initial application. Experiment with different forms of self-tanners prior to the month of your wedding so you know what works best with your skin!

6 Plan Ahead

The next bridal beauty tip is to plan a touch-up strategy for your makeup and plan for beauty blunders just in case! Work out a plan so you have everything you need to touch-up your makeup and create a little emergency kit with items like cotton swabs, makeup remover, blotting papers, nail polish, eye drops or dental floss.

7 Time out

Now that we’ve gone over some bridal beauty tips, don’t forget to give yourself a time out to rest and recoup! In order to look amazingly fresh and fabulous on your wedding day, you’ve got to make sure you’re giving yourself appropriate time to relax and rejuvenate! I know your wedding is a huge deal but you deserve a break, too!

Use these bridal beauty tips and practice ahead of time to nail your perfect bridal beauty look! Planning ahead will allow you to make changes as needed and you’ll know what to expect when the big day finally comes! What bridal beauty tips have you heard or tried?

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