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7 Beauty Tips for the Amusement Park ...

By Lisa

If you plan on taking a trip to an outdoor theme park this summer, take note of these beauty tips for the amusement park! Being outdoors all day can make getting primped and pretty a little challenging since it can get hot and sticky. But have no fear, I know of seven helpful and effective beauty tips for the amusement park to help make a fun day out even better!

1 Wear a Cooling Scent

Wearing a fragrance that helps cool you down while keeping you feeling fresh is one of the beauty tips for the amusement park you cannot go without! Try using a fresh, citrusy body mist that’s light or a perfume with a fruit scent or blend of florals, fruits and grassy scents. Put your body spray or mist in the refrigerator for an uplifting and refreshing mist before you head out!

2 Use Primer

Using a primer might seem like an obvious beauty tip but there are quite a few primers to use! You can prime your skin for foundation, eyes for eye shadow and lips for lipstick. Another hot tip for makeup for the theme park is to spritz makeup setting spray before and after you apply makeup. This works great to keep shine away and help makeup last longer!

3 Layer

Another tip to keep in mind when you’re applying makeup for the theme park is to layer your products! I know you don’t want to wear a ton of products but you can layer products like blush and lip products to help them stay put longer. Use a cream blush and top it off with a powder blush and line and fill in your lips with a lip liner before you top it off with your favorite lip product.

4 Cream of the Crop

When you’re thinking about what eye makeup you want to wear, keep in mind that cream eye shadows typically outlast powders in the heat. Not only do cream shadows give you lots of color, they adhere better to your lids, don’t crease like powder formulas can and you can apply them quickly with just a swipe of your finger!


I can’t write about beauty tips for the amusement park without mentioning sunscreen! Make sure you wear sunscreen on your face and body to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. For your face, try using a multi-purpose product like a BB cream or moisturizer with SPF. You can also find powders with sunscreen, which make it easy to reapply sun protection throughout the day!

6 Pack the Essentials

Whether you’re rocking a cute waist pouch or you’re toting your bag, pack some essentials so you don’t have to go without your beauty necessities. Look for travel-sized blotting papers, lotion, lip balm, a hair brush and hair tie in addition to anything else you can’t go without. This way, you’re good to go in case you and your friends decide to make a detour on the way home!

7 Basic Beauty

The last beauty tip is for those who want to wear minimal makeup. If you’re against the idea of wearing makeup to the theme park or just want to wear the bare minimum, stick to sunscreen, waterproof mascara and liner and lip balm with SPF. This will help ensure that you don’t sweat off any foundation but your eyes will still be defined.

Makeup for the theme park can be as simple or intricate as you please! Whether you’re the type who likes to wear a full face of makeup, go sans makeup or somewhere in between, use these tips to help you stay cool and look hot while you enjoy your day at the theme park! Do you have any beauty tips for wearing makeup at a theme park?

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