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Beauty tips for redheads always make me a little sad because I’ve always wanted red hair. My dad has it, so it seems unfair that I’m stuck with plain old boring brown hair. I’ve tried to color mine but it never came out the way I wanted it, so I’ve embraced by brunette locks. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give you some beauty tips for redheads that you can use whether your strands are naturally red or you give them some help at the salon.

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Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims This is standard advice for all people, but it’s one of the best beauty tips for redheads for a couple of reasons. First, according to many experts, red hair can be coarser than other colors, so getting it trimmed on a regular basis helps it look as healthy as possible. At the same time, a consistent trimming schedule can actually help your red hair grow longer, which is a look that many redheads prefer.


Use Targeted Haircare Products

Use Targeted Haircare Products Caring for your hair often changes depending on what type it is or how you style it. For example, colored hair usually requires special products to preserve the dye. For redheads, certain hair products tend to do the job better than one size fits all choices. Look for items without a ton of added chemicals and talk to your stylist about items formulated especially for red hair.


Wear Sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen This is another tip that applies to everyone, but redheads tend to have thinner and more sensitive skin, according to some experts. That means you are at a higher risk of sunburn, which can increase the signs of aging as well as contribute to an increased risk of developing skin cancer. For that reason, it’s important to slather on sunscreen every day, even if you’re just running back and forth from the car to the house or office.


Avoid Blue Undertones

Avoid Blue Undertones According to make-up artists all over the world, redheads should avoid make-up products with blue undertones. That’s because the skin of redheads is often full of them already. By choosing other options, you can still wear a bold look even with the porcelain and very light skin that most redheads have. If you love blue, make-up experts say to go for it, but go easy and be sure you apply it very precisely.


Choose the Right Foundation

Choose the Right Foundation Any girl probably knows how hard it is to find a foundation that’s an exact match to their skin tone. It can be even harder for redheads because their complexion tends to change with the seasons. Be sure you are using a foundation that closely matches your skin color so you can blend it for the most seamless look possible.


Let Your Freckles Shine

Let Your Freckles Shine Many redheaded girls try to disguise their freckles with lots of make-up. Most people polled say that they love freckles and wish women would let them show. Wearing too much make-up to cover your freckles can look overdone and too thick, but if you go subtle and play up your freckles, you’re bound to get tons of compliments. Of course, you should go with the look that makes you most comfortable, but you might find out you love the more natural look.


Wear Any Color

Wear Any Color This is probably different than anything you’ve ever heard before, right? However, redheads say that you can dress in any color you want, provided you’re a bit fearless and willing to try new things. You really don’t have to stay away from certain colors, but have a look in the mirror to be sure you like the way your clothing looks with your hair color. Wear what you love the best!

Is your red hair natural or dyed? What do you love most about having red hair? Do you have any other helpful beauty tips?

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It's very rude to refer to brown hair as plain, old, and boring.

brown hair is not boring and plain...just because it looks like that on YOU doesnt mean it looks like that on others! 😔

Great tips ! I am a red head and found them very helpful ❤️

When I look at my red hair in the sun it makes me sooo happy.

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