7 Cheap Beauty Products to Buy when You're Broke but Want to Look Great Fast ...

I won't beat around the bush ladies - I've never been made of money so I've always been on the hunt for cheap beauty products that keep me looking great. Everyday drug store products are your best friends for looking great on a budget and some items there might surprise you at how awesome they can be for your beauty routine. Pick up some of these cheap beauty products next time you're shopping and experience looking fabulous while keeping your wallet happy too!

1. Cocoa Butter

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Cocoa butter is one of my go-to cheap beauty products I know will perform several important functions in my daily routine without costing much at all. Buy cocoa butter, which is usually found on the ethnic aisle or with the lotions. I use this for body lotion, hair conditioner, and as a natural shaving cream. It's a bit cheaper than coconut oil, which is the next best option.

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