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Your mom has given you loads of advice through the years, most of it good, but some of it not so great. I find that my mom is generally right about things, even if it takes me some time to realize it. However, we can all disregard some of the beauty tricks and tips we’ve been taught by the previous generations. In fact, some of them aren’t a good idea at all. Here is some beauty advice you can completely ignore.

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You Should Be Eating Lots of Cream

You Should Be Eating Lots of Cream I’m taking heavy cream used in cooking here. In the 1940s, it was recommend to eat lots of cream for healthy skin and hair. We’ve since discovered that too much fat can lead to weight gain and skin issues. I’m not saying give up the cream altogether, but you can forget the advice that says “lean heavily on cream.” A low-fat, low-calorie diet that includes healthy sources of dairy is a much better idea.


Redheads Can’t Wear Red Lipstick

Redheads Can’t Wear Red Lipstick I’m pretty sure there is the perfect red lipstick shade for every girl, no matter her hair color. So it seems crazy to me that there was a time when redheads were told to stay away from it. Good news! Now you can always wear red by following this simple trick from make-up experts. Choose a warm hue rather than a purple one and your red lipstick will enhance your red hair just right.


Use Egg Whites to Hide Dark Circles

Use Egg Whites to Hide Dark Circles While egg whites do have benefits for your skin, more modern advice suggests sticking with a concealer to cover up dark undereye circles. Perhaps you tried this trick in junior high or high school. I’m not sure it ever worked for me. We all deal with dark circles from time to time, but the general consensus these days is to eat the eggs and grab the concealer.


Mature Women Can’t Wear Shimmer

Mature Women Can’t Wear Shimmer Yes, glitter is a thing of the past in most cases, but women of all ages can benefit from a great shimmery make-up. It highlights the face and adds brightness and youth in a stylish way. Experts say to use a bit of shimmer in the corners of your eyes to counteract a darker liner. You’ll look wide awake and sophisticated at the same time.


Only Hippies Wear Scarves

Only Hippies Wear Scarves Sure, they were a pretty common occurrence among women of that generation. I think those ladies were beautiful! Experts say that you can definitely still wear your mom’s scarves, but in a slightly different way. Try wrapping the center of a scarf around a low bun, then tying it beneath. What a fun and modern way to revive all those lovely scarves from days gone by.


Grown Ups Can’t Have Fun Hair Colors

Grown Ups Can’t Have Fun Hair Colors A lot of this has to do with what you can get away with at the office. However, you’ve also probably seen a ton of celebrities with bright colors in top. How about Nicole Richie’s bright pink pixie? Hair experts say that you can get away with the trend by having your color pastelized. That takes out some of the intensity, but leaves behind the unique color you want.


Nail Art is for Little Girls

Nail Art is for Little Girls Not so! While that may have been true in your mom’s generation, nail art can be really glamorous and grown up. That means you can totally rock the trend without looking silly. Nail art can be done in virtually any pattern or color combination you love. Choose a design you love and you’ll be so impressed at how grown up you look.

What past beauty advice have you gotten that you think is silly today?

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Useless article

I agree with Sima. These aren't myths, they're more opinions that you're disagreeing with.

#1 has been debunked also. Low fat diets are bull. We need healthy fats. Low carb/low sugar is a better approach. Focus on vegetables, proteins and healthy fats to lose weight and feel your best.

One of the ones for this generations should be Only white girls can be pretty. Do u know how many people think that. it gets super annoying though because its so stereotypical. If ask atleast one person at my school whos pretty, chances r there gonna say a white girl. Now im trying to be racist, I kinda agree with them too, but they have to understand that other people with other cultures can be pretty too. But otherwise i kinda agree with nancy

#1: Low cal/Low fat diets are better? Stupid advice. A healthy diet with good fats is the way to go. Please don't give anymore advice

Yes I got the don't wear short skirts after 21 utter nonsense. Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don't believe the hype.

@Choclatelovee I know, right. While the majority of society doesn't believe that, I've met a few people who think that. There are pretty and ugly people in every race.

Yes! Redheads looks great with red lipstick

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