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There are some ways to make your hands look younger that you would never expect, and that’s a good thing. If variety is the spice of life, surprises are the whipped cream on the cake (is it lunch yet?). These easy ways to make your hands look younger will help you to put your best hand forward every time!

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Olive Oil Baths

The Italians have taught us many things about the fine art of living well, from pasta to Sinatra to shoes. One of the finest lessons is olive oil. It’s not just for cooking anymore. Olive oil is one of the most accessible and luxurious ways to make your hands look younger. Buy a bottle of Italian o.o., and slather up those hands regularly. Actually, in the beloved Italian tradition of abundanza, why not go right up to your elbows? Italian olive oils are more likely not to have chemicals and preservatives added to them, especially if they are actually bottled in Italy rather than the olives being exported and bottled elsewhere. This makes the experience that much more organic and decadent for you!


Cotton Gloves at Night

Find a good moisturizing lotion recommended by your pharmacist or doctor, and a pair of cotton gloves which can also be found at the pharmacy. The professionals will give you some excellent over-the-counter suggestions. Massage a good layer or more deeply into your skin. Don’t be afraid to put it on thicker than normal—that’s what the gloves are for! Slip on those gorgeous gloves and slip in between the sheets. Dream of moisturized, younger-looking skin all night long. When you wake up, voila!


Keep It (luke) Warm

You may love those steamy, bubbly baths, but your hands may feel differently. Instead of turning the tap all the way to the left, keep it more towards the middle. your hands won't dry out so much, which is a beautiful thing. Make sure the soaps you use are good for you, whether to wash your hands more often than you blink in a day, or for the occasional bath. Organic, non-residue, moisturizing (do you see a pattern here?) is great for the digits.


Wear the Rubber Gloves

This may be something you haven’t thought of since your mom wore them back in the 70s, but as is often the case, mom knows best. Gloves not only protect your hands from harsh hot water used for cleaning, they will also protect you from the chemicals. There’s nothing like bleach to ruin a hand’s day. Wearing those gloves will ensure your hands are holding a happy tune.


Manicures Are Not Just a Luxury

While it may seem like decadence, a good manicure is a necessary luxury for younger looking hands. Having your hands and nails dipped, snipped, and clipped, massaged, moisturized, and dunked in paraffin wax is not only one of the greatest pleasures in life, it is also the road to happy hands. If the budget doesn’t allow for this, check out your local cosmetology school. They will often have deep discounts on manis and pedis, and you’ll be helping students get the experience their courses require. Or, how about having a girls’ night in with your friends? Nothing says bonding like a good mani. Also, just like hair color, make sure the nail colors you choose accent your best traits, not your years. Beautiful new colors come out almost continuously. Just like the men in your life, pick and choose until you find the right ones!


Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

If this is not a word that’s caught your attention until this point, let's repeat. Your hands are suckers for a good soaking. Of lotions, oils, and attention, that is. Talk with your doc, your girlfriends, or your local drugstore beauty counter expert, and do your research on what works best for your skin type. Then do it! There are few things better for the skin than paying attention to it, cleaning it gently and moisturizing it deeply. Your hands will say thank you by making you proud every time you show them off.


Here Comes the Sunblock

One of the most important ways to help your hands to stay looking younger and avoid some of the age spots is to love the sun, but be protected from it too. It’s a contradiction, but an easy one to solve! Using a good sunblock will allow you to relax at the beach, knowing you are drinking in some of that delicious, natural vitamin D but not letting it go too far. And make sure you apply it regularly when you’re outside, whether it says waterproof or not. A little sun can go a long way, and a lot of sunblock is even better.

Younger looking skin can change your confidence level when you meet new people, your attitude when you want to look your best, and sometimes even your health. What is the best way you’ve found to achieve younger looking hands?

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No1 is the best

2 one is really effective it make your hand so soft but I don't really need it I only put it because I have a scar from salicylic acid to burn my corn and I mixed the healing cream with bath and body works lotion and viola heal your hand and make them smell good

Number 4 all the way rubber gloves for washing up and cleaning, I once went without a pair for a week I did notice a difference in the texture !!

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