9 Embarrassing Things Women do for Beauty ...

Things Women Do for Beauty run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous, and some of them are a little embarrassing. By that I don't mean that they're necessarily embarrassing to do (although some of them are!), I mean that there are some things that women do – myself included, trust me – but we don't really want to talk about them. I mean, there are things women do for beauty that we just don't want anyone to talk about – but many of us do them, all the same. That's what this post is about: standing up in solidarity for all those embarrassing, down-low things women do for beauty. Stand up and be proud! Or at least be comforted by the fact that you're not alone!

1. Shaving in Other Places

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This is one of the things women do for beauty that they don't normally want to talk about … myself included. You shave your legs, sure, and under your arms, and those other all important areas. For some of us, though, there are still under places – like the knuckles on your fingers and the tops of your toes. Some women shave their arms, some shave their eyebrows (not just the unibrows, either!), and still others eschew waxing or depilatory creams and touch up the hair on their face. And that's okay!

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