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9 Vintage Beauty Tricks Used Back in the Day That We Should Use More Often ...

By Heather

Certain beauty icons such as Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and Aubrey Hepburn just to name a few, are some of my favorite inspirations to learn the best vintage beauty tricks from. These women had an appeal to them that many women today don’t have; a certain kind of beauty that’s rare, unique and to each her own. If you’re looking to achieve a classic and vintage look in your beauty routine, try some of these simple vintage beauty tricks that come from the best. After all, these women weren’t idolized for just anything. Their looks are what set them apart and they didn’t try to conform to one certain look, but instead wore their best features in a beautiful way.

1 The Perfect Pout

Past beauty icons all used one of my favorite vintage beauty tricks of all. Developing the perfect pout on your lips is key to achieving a face that gets noticed. Whether you apply a bold or neutral color, be sure to select both lipcolor and gloss. Lipliner is a little outdated, unless it’s neutral and blends in with your lip shade. Spread lipcolor all over your entire lip and place a plumping lip gloss over it. No more heading out the door with clear gloss or Chapstick girls! If you’re going to the gym it’s one thing, but if you’re going somewhere special, try perfecting your pout with this simple trick.

2 Bedroom Eyes

Every man out there seems to like this look, but it’s also one of my favorite looks for myself! Bedroom eyes are nothing more than sultry eyes. This is easily achieved with a lighter color eyeshadow base and a darker color in the crease, along with dark eyeliner and mascara. It gives your eyes depth and dimension that you won’t get from anything else. Also be sure you select a volumizing mascara for more dramatic effects. I like Loreal Voluminous and Hard Candy Ginormous, which make your eyes look larger, your lashes look longer, and they don’t flake off.

3 Curves

This vintage beauty trick might not have anything to do with your face, but it’s one to pay attention to girls! Curves are pretty on a woman. Repeat that! Curves are pretty on a woman! If you already have them, great! If not, just add some calories to your diet and start doing squats and lunges. In no time, you’ll have shapely hips and a great looking bottom, the natural way. No diets, no calorie counting! Curves are found on all beauty icons, and are one of the qualities that made them so desirable. It was actually said that Marilyn Monroe ate certain fats each day just to maintain her curves. That’s right girls, she ate fat on purpose!

4 Curly Locks

Do you ever notice that vintage beauty icons had curly hair? It could have been loose or tighter curls, but either way, they knew curled hair was a sign of beauty and force. It showed elegance, collectivity, and beauty in a way that straight hair never could. All you need to achieve that look are some hot rollers, which give you a more elegant look than a curling iron does, plus all you do is put your hair up, do your makeup and take down your rollers. Finger brush your hair, and you’re done. No more burning your hair with a curling iron or a straightening iron anymore!

5 No Tan

One thing I adore about vintage beauty icons is they had perfectly clear, and almost porcelain skin, like Snow White. Their pale color isn’t found in most women today, but that clear, porcelain skin isn’t too hard to achieve. Eat healthy, unprocessed foods, avoid greasy foods, stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water-rich beverages. Your skin will clear up in no time. If you can, add fish, almonds and roobios tea to your diet. Each of these have different anti-wrinkle, and anti-acne effects to your skin that you’ll notice just in one week. Stay away from sugar, the sun, alcohol and processed foods. Your skin will look great and you’ll probably feel a lot better too!

Desiree I guess..😒😒...

6 Glowing Skin

Another vintage beauty trick to achieve beautiful skin is to achieve that glowing look and not from a suntan. Dry skin isn’t appealing, but is very easy to fix. All you need is a good moisturizer, illuminating cream and be sure to use a body oil, or a lotion with light reflective emollients. I like coconut oil for my body oil and light reflective face creams such as L’Occitane products, Oil of Olay and Garnier which all make great skin care items.

7 Big Hair

Another favorite vintage beauty trick that’s still popular today is big hair. Women embraced their big hair back in the day, and this look has a certain amount of glamour to it that straight stick hair never will. Big hair is bold, it’s feminine and it makes a statement.

8 Black Eyeliner

As I mentioned, bedroom eyes are best achieved with black eyeliner, but even as a stand alone trick, black eyeliner is one to replicate for a truly vintage look. Most beauty icons embraced eyeliner with full force, and usually in black. Even if applied lightly, black eyeliner makes a gorgeous beauty statement that draws attention to the eyes and adds depth.

9 Contouring

Chiseled cheekbones don’t come naturally to everyone, and that’s okay! You can easily achieve that contoured look just through your makeup. By using contour creams and powders, you can easily achieve a chiseled cheekbone that most beauty icons embraced and adorned. This adds definition to your face and adds dramatic appeal.

With a few vintage beauty tricks like these, any of us can be ready for a night out in just a few minutes! Do you have a favorite vintage beauty icon?

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