9 Strange Beauty Tips That Work ...

In the world of beauty, pretty much anything goes, which means there are plenty of strange beauty tips that work! Over the centuries, women have tried everything from putting mayonnaise in their hair to toothpaste on their faces in the hopes that they would find a hidden beauty secret. Not all of them have worked out so well, but some actually have! So to save you some time (and embarrassment), here is a list of strange beauty tips that work!

1. Repair Dry Skin

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The first item on our list of strange beauty tips that work helps with healing dry skin! Believe it or not, diaper rash cream helps heal cracked elbows and feet! Diaper rash cream has moisturizers and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to hydrate and repair your skin. Plus, it's manufactured to be delicate enough for a baby's skin, which makes it one of the best hydrators you can use.

2. Hair Static

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Dryer sheets are a great way to help tame static hair when you're on the go! Dryer sheets take static out quickly and leave your hair smelling great. It's only a temporary fix though, so if it's a particularly dry winter day, be sure to stash a few in your purse! Open the dryer sheet completely, grab a fairly large section of hair and run the sheet from the scalp to the bottom of the strand. Some dryer sheet brands work better than others, so if you try one and it doesn't work well, try sprinkling a few drops of water on the sheet.

3. Sunburn Relief

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While aloe vera gel with lidocaine is the standard for sunburn treatment, this home remedy is cheaper, fairly effective, and doesn't involve smearing gel all over yourself. To help in curing a sunburn, try taking a warm bath in very strong black tea. The tannins in the tea will help take away the sting and swelling. Tannic acid in the tea also draws the burn out of the skin and helps it heal!

4. Lightening Hair Color

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If you're looking for a natural way to lighten your hair without harmful chemicals or expensive trips to the salon, then try using some lemon juice. Applying lemon juice to your hair before going out in the sun is a sure way to lighten your hair. The acid reacts with the sun's UV rays to accelerate the highlighting process. Simply mix some lemon juice with warm water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle to apply to your hair. Keep in mind that you'll get the best results if you spray the lemon juice on unwashed hair.

5. Lip Stain

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Ever notice how you always end up with red hands after making Jell-O? Well, turns out it makes a pretty great lip stain! Pour the powder mix into a bowl and moisten a Q-Tip with water. Then, dip the Q-Tip into the powder and apply it directly to your lips. This is a great non-drying alternative since most long-wearing lipsticks dry out your lips. This strange beauty tip will leave behind a stain all day!

6. Healthy Hair

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Let olive oil sit in your hair for 10 minutes before you wash your hair to deep condition it. Olive oil helps to improve hair health by adding nutrients and healthy fats to your roots, so using it as a deep conditioning treatment will work to make hair silkier. It has also been said that olive oil can help make your hair grow faster but that unfortunately is false.

7. Pimples

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This technique hasn’t been medically verified, but it has been known to help clear up pimples! Toothpaste applied to a pimple overnight will help get rid of it, as it has a drying effect on your skin. It's important to remember that it has to be plain white toothpaste and should be used only as a temporary spot treatment. So if you're out of acne cream or find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a huge zit, toothpaste could be your perfect solution!

8. Puffy Eyes

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This is definitely a very strange beauty tip that works, but putting hemorrhoid cream under your eyes reduces puffiness. This old-school trick has been known to shrink dark bags under your eyes, as it is made with anti-inflammatory agents which can temporarily reduce puff. Also, hemorrhoid cream has also been known to help get rid of wrinkles and give you a tight, smooth complexion...at least temporarily.

9. Self-Tanner Streaks

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Self-tanner is a convenient way to have a golden, summertime hue. (Not to mention it's healthier for your skin!) However, it sometimes will leave ugly streaks if it has been applied unevenly, or dead skin cells haven’t been exfoliated properly in advance. If you have self-tanner streaks, that box of baking soda sitting in your cupboard may be your new best friend. Just wet some baking soda in your hand and massage the area where you have tanning streaks. It will get pasty and gritty because it’s exfoliating. It’s simply taking off some of the skin cells and lightening the streaking!

Using these strange beauty tips can be a great way to save some money! These strange home remedies really do work and are a lot more natural than getting specially made beauty products. What are some strange beauty tips that you've learned that actually worked? Or, tell us about a strange beauty tip you've tried that didn't work out, so we can stay away from making the same mistake!

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