Old School Beauty Taboos You Shouldn't Really Care about ...


Old School Beauty Taboos You Shouldn't Really Care about ...
Old School Beauty Taboos You Shouldn't Really Care about ...

I feel like whenever we have a beauty problem, we get into this mindset of thinking that other people will care a significant amount if they see all our little imperfections. At the end of the day, though, it's important to just be yourself and do whatever you feel comfortable with 😊 ✌️

Life is too short to care about what others think (especially of small, miniscule problems like these) or to spend your time being worried about it! 😃 👌

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Flaky Dandruff

You might be used to feeling super mortified if you find dandruff in your hair, or even worse, on your shoulders or the back of you neck (especially if you have dark hair) but seriously, what's the big deal? We all get it at some point and it's nothing to be embarrassed about, nor should you care if someone knows you have dandruff!


Untouched Eyebrows

To be honest a lot of the time I don't do anything with my eyebrows; it can be a lot of effort to keep them looking tweaked and perfect at all times!

Instead of caring what others think of your untouched eyebrows, just do whatever you want with them and know that life is too short to be caring what other people might think of something as small as your eyebrows!


Troubled Toenails

There's no shame when it comes to toenails, either! They're just feet at the end of the day and probably not going to be much different to the next person's.

Don't worry if they're in need of a trim (although you might want to set aside some time to do that at some point) or you cut them too short and you think they look super stubby. Don't worry about nail polish that's chipping - who cares?!


Depending on Face Wipes

Some people use face wipes as a substitute for actually washing their face properly twice a day like we're meant to. The thing is, they're great for removing makeup but they're still not a face cleanser or a nourishing moisturiser. Instead of using them for absolutely everything, maybe it's time to cut back and get back into the habit of doing the rest yourself.

Who cares if your face hasn't been washed or moisturised yet? You'll do it when you get home and you'll do it the proper way!


Messy Hair

We all have those days when we just can't be bothered to do anything with our hair. But even so, we can still end up feeling a bit pressured to do something spectacular with it just because we're going out in public - even if it's just to the shops to get one or two things.

Seriously, go out with a IDGAF attitude when it comes to your hair and leave it in a way that you feel comfortable with, whether that's literally piling it all up on top of your head for a messy bun or running a brush through it and leaving it wild and free!


Fresh, Natural Face

I hardly ever wear makeup nowadays, seriously. I know a lot of women wear makeup all the time because they don't feel confident going out without it or showing a natural, makeup free face, and that's fine, but if you're someone who doesn't mind how you look freshed face and you can embrace it no matter where you are, good for you!

Personally, I'm proud of myself for just doing me and not caring what others think of my natural, makeup free face.


Imperfect Nails

Trying to have perfect nails takes a lot of upkeep, time, effort and quite often money! Unfortunately not all of us have those things to spend away whenever we feel like having great nails.

If yours are naturally weak and tend to break easily, don't worry about having short nails when you're out and about! If your nail polish tends to chip easily, even with a top coat on, don't worry about it! If you didn't get time to file your nails before you left home, who cares?!

If you don't care about these things you'll probably find that others won't care either, or otherwise you just won't care that they care, and that's a bonus! 😉 🖕 ✨

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