7 Great Beauty Lessons Kate Moss Taught Me ...


7 Great Beauty Lessons Kate Moss Taught Me ...
7 Great Beauty Lessons Kate Moss Taught Me ...

Kate Moss has been in the news a lot recently, and it’s made me think. It’s pretty easy to get noticed in the celebrity circuit these days, but Kate Moss has to be one of the true examples of a proper style icon. She can wear anything, and she almost always looks great. I’ve been glancing back through her archives, and I’ve definitely learnt some serious beauty lessons from Kate!

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Keep It Simple…

Keep It Simple… Kate Moss is the Queen of not trying too hard. She makes all of her looks appear utterly effortless, as if she just woke up like that. Kate gave an interview to Allure about her beauty routine, and mentioned only three things – blusher, eyeshadow and an eyelash curler. Give it a go – she might not go crazy with hair products or rock all the latest makeup colors, but her simple look works really well.


Keep It Classic…

Keep It Classic… Red lips are known for being a classic, and Kate wears them well. When she ditches her gloss for a bold lip, it’s always a bright red one. She’s teamed red lips with everything from leather jackets to ball gowns and cut-off shorts – and even a floor length fishnet dress. She’s even made her own – the Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate 01. Give it a go!


Don’t Stress…

Don’t Stress… Hair not doing the right thing? Ran out of time? Don’t worry. Kate has perfected that messy bedhead hair, and made it cool for everyone else, too. It’s edgy and disheveled, but it only requires a hairbrush and a drop of styling serum. You can even just spray dry shampoo through your hair, and forget the hairbrush. Effortless, and perfect for when you are running late.


Go Beachy…

Go Beachy… Want to do something with your hair, but don’t fancy a difficult look? If Kate’s not doing bedhead, she’s rocking beach waves. She even wore gentle waves to her wedding in 2011, dressing them up with a long white veil. Just use a little volumizing mousse before rough-drying your hair, and running a few sections through large-barrel tongs. Shine spray will finish it off perfectly.


Fake It…

Fake It… Kate is rarely seen without a tan – but it always comes out of a bottle. She’s even recently become the face of St Tropez, one of the most-loved tan products! Choose a tan that suits your skintone, and don’t be tempted to go too dark, or too orange. For the crème de la crème of tanning products, find a tinted foam. Foam blends easily, and the tint will show you if you’ve missed anywhere.


Just Add Bangs…

Just Add Bangs… Want bangs? Just look through some photos of Kate, and you’ll find some in every style. She’s done blunt bangs, long bangs, side-swept bangs, shaggy bangs… Her advice? Use styling lotion to keep them looking great, and a dab of hair wax will prevent flyaways and keep them sleek. Win.


Smoky Eyes…

Smoky Eyes… When was the last time you saw Kate Moss without a smoky eye? Exactly. The smoky eye is unfussy yet sexy, and its become Kate’s signature look. Line your top and bottom lids with a black pencil, and use a Q-tip to smudge. Add black or gray shadow over your lids, and blend into the crease and outer corner. Add mascara, and you’ve got a quick look that’s perfect for any occasion, and always looks great.

Kate Moss has certainly earned her style status. She’s a chameleon when it comes to fashion, but her hair and make-up is refreshingly predictable – she knows exactly what to wear to keep looking great. What’s your favorite Kate Moss look?

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Bangs are the most beautiful thing you can add to your face....

Kate has proven it: Less is more, if you know how to pull it off. Of course, it helps to start with her DNA lol


I love how Kate Moss made it fashionable not to have perfect hair all the time. I use a bit of beach/curl spray with semi-hold and anti-frizz serum. Currently using the silk&gloss shapely waves 2 by L'Oreal. Sprays are better than a mousse in my opinion.

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