7 Beauty Secrets of Female Disney Villains That Are Worth Aping ...

By Treva

7 Beauty Secrets of Female Disney Villains That Are Worth Aping ...

Female Disney villains often get a bad rap because they aren't as pretty or sweet as the princesses they torment. However, the evil ladies of the House of Mouse are a vain bunch of wicked women who probably spend their free time searching YouTube for beauty tips. Female Disney villains are also pretty confident, so maybe there's a thing or two that can be learned from their sinister styles. Here's a look at a few of the beauty secrets of these bona fide bad girls.

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Don't Be Afraid to Cover Your Hair

Don't Be Afraid to Cover Your Hair Two of the best female Disney villains dare to cover their hair, and the results are rather striking. The Evil Queen in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" wears a balaclava-like headpiece that makes her face almost look like the shape of a heart, and this is the perfect look for her since she's so obsessed with obtaining Snow White's heart. With her blood-red lips and extreme arched eyebrows, the Evil Queen definitely doesn't need to hide behind her hair. However, she probably should spend a little less time staring at her Marlene Dietrich-esque face in her magic mirror. "Sleeping Beauty" villain Maleficent also lets her angular face do the talking, but those awesome horns are a little distracting.


Embrace Being Pale

Embrace Being Pale So how did the Evil Queen remain the fairest in the land for so long? She spent way too much time inside scheming about how to get rid of poor Snow White. If you want to be able to compete with all the fresh-faced fairytale princesses out there, then you've got to avoid wrinkles by shunning the sun. After all, SPF doesn't exist in the land of happily ever afters. It's probably also a good idea to save your skin by not using magic to turning yourself into an old hag.


Go Bold with Your Makeup

Go Bold with Your Makeup A lot of female Disney villains aren't afraid of color when it comes to their makeup. Maleficent makes her green skin pop by wearing purple eyeshadow up to her eyebrows, and "The Little Mermaid" sea witch Ursula rocks blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. You'd think that the colors would clash with her purple skin, but somehow she manages to pull off the daring look. Female Disney villains are definitely big fans of a red lip, which might be because so many of them are out for blood. They also favor pencil-thin arched eyebrows that make them look rather menacing.


Go Wild with Your Hairstyle

Go Wild with Your Hairstyle Not all Disney villains pick on princesses. "101 Dalmatians" baddie Cruella de Ville has it out for adorable spotted puppies. Her taste in fashion is definitely questionable since she wants to turn man's best friend into a fur coat, but her hair is pretty freakin' fabulous. In fact, why does she want to wear Dalmatian when she's already found such a great way to rock black and white with her half-and-half hair? She might be cruel, but she definitely gets points for creativity.


Choose One Statement-Making Accessory

Choose One Statement-Making Accessory Female Disney villains are really good at choosing amazing accessories. Ursula seems to have a black dress built into her octopus body, so her style choices are a little limited (clothing really isn't practical under the sea, anyway). However, she manages to dress her look up with a bold gold seashell necklace that contains Ariel's voice. Cruella de Ville wears a pair of red gloves that really pop against her yellow fur coat and black dress, and the Evil Queen has her pointy gold crown. But of course Maleficent's horned headpiece will forever be one of the best evil accessories of all time.

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Embrace Color Blocking

Embrace Color Blocking The Queen of Hearts is one of the plainest female Disney villains, but at least she knows her fashion trends. The "Alice in Wonderland" villain wears a pretty wacky combination of colors—you'd think that red, black, white, and two different shades of yellow would clash. However, the mad mix of colors and patterns is perfect for the land beyond the looking glass. The Queen of Hearts is one of the few evil Disney queens to really embrace bright colors when it comes to her clothes. However, she might need to take a few makeup tips from her fellow female villains.


Purple and Black Are a Bad Girl's Best Friends

Purple and Black Are a Bad Girl's Best Friends Color blocking is fun and all, but the best Disney villains wear black with a pop of purple. Ursula has her black octo-dress and purple skin, while Maleficent has her magnificent tattered cape lined with purple. Then there's the Evil Queen with her black cape and purple gown. Morbid black isn't just slimming — it suits the dark moods of these evil ladies. And the color purple has a regal quality that signifies just how powerful these anti-princesses are.

A lot of girls grow up wanting to be pretty Disney princesses with pink gowns and glass slippers. However, the dark side of Disney is a little more fascinating when it comes to fashion and beauty. So do you prefer the way that the womanly female Disney villains look over the way that the girlish princesses are portrayed?

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