15 Popular Beauty Habits You Should Be Trying ...


15 Popular Beauty Habits You Should Be Trying ...
15 Popular Beauty Habits You Should Be Trying ...

Do you have good beauty habits? I’m always trying to improve mine. It took months before I’d remember to moisturize every day, and years before I could kick my nail-biting habit – even now, I regularly forget to paint or file them! The annual beauty awards have caused a stir on Twitter this year, causing hundreds of people to share their best beauty habits – how many of these do you do?

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Exfoliate Everywhere…

Exfoliating is one of those essential beauty habits that everybody knows about, but very few people actually do. It’s just so much effort, right? Not if you get prepared in advance. Leave an exfoliator mitt in your bathroom, and some exfoliating shower gel in the shower. If you make it easy, you’ll do it much more! Just remember that every time you skip exfoliating, you are applying creams and lotions to dead skin. Yep, even those super-expensive ones. Motivating.


Embrace Coconut Oil…

Coconut oil was the beauty product of the moment for quite a while, before the buzz died down. It’s definitely something you should have in your bathroom, though. The most popular way to use it is in the shower, after you’ve turned the water off. Rub it everywhere, and pat dry. Apply extra to any especially dry areas, such as knees, heels or feet. Just be careful that you don’t make your shower too slippery!


Carry Vaseline…

Okay, so there are big debates on whether petroleum jelly actually nourishes the skin, or if it just creates a barrier that makes skin feel hydrated. Carrying some in your handbag or pocket is still a great idea, though. It allows you to quickly treat any sore skin before it spreads, and it’s great for soothing sore lips. I use it most nights when it’s hot – you’ll wake up with full, moisturized lips, rather than a mouth like the Sahara.


Love Lavender…

Lavender might seem like an old trick, but it really does relax you and help you to sleep. Every once in a while, use a lavender sleep product to help you get some naturally-enhanced sleep – you’ll look loads better for it when you wake up. Bath&Body Works have a really popular lavender and vanilla sleep product, but any will do.


Fight the Frizz…

Don’t throw away those old t-shirts – use them to fight frizz and keep your hair looking sleek, instead. When you’ve washed your hair, dry your hair with the t-shirt instead of a towel. Be careful not to be too heavy with your rubbing, which can split hairs, and you’ll find the t-shirt leaves you with less frizz and more defined curls, if you are lucky enough to have them naturally.


Use Body Lotion…

This was one that everyone seemed to agree with – it even sparked a few sub-groups of people trying to keep going! Instead of applying body lotion once a week, or whenever you remember, try applying it every day. Smother yourself in it from head to toe, and your skin will soon be positively glowing.


Take Five…

One of the most underrated beauty habits is just taking time for you. Every day, find 20 minutes that are yours alone. You will have to force yourself to do it, and it can feel difficult to find a spare 20 minutes to start with, but it’ll soon become established. Listen to music, meditate, lie on the bed, go for a walk – do something that is just for you, and you’ll feel loads better. You’ll even improve your concentration, and I find I eat a lot less, too.


Apply Sunscreen Daily

Repeated exposure to the sun can result in premature aging, wrinkling and even skin cancer. This is why taking care of your skin and protecting it from the harmful UV rays is more than important. If you want to be confident about your skin years down the road, it is crucial to apply sunscreen daily even on the days when the sun is not out. I know it might be hard to implement this step into your daily routine but once you get the hang of it, it won't seem like a hassle and your skin will be protected from the detrimental sun rays.


Get Highlights Naturally

One of the most common problems that women face is whether or not they should risk damaging their hair in order to change up their look. Many women are eager to achieve a lighter hair color with the help of highlights but only few of them are actually willing to put chemical stress on their luscious locks. And who would blame them? One alternative method to getting highlights is applying lemon juice to strands of your hair before sun exposure, this beauty trick is harmless and effective!


Choose the Right Shade

One of the most common mistakes that women make across the world is choosing the wrong shade of their foundation but no one can blame them because choosing the right color is purely based on the guess and check method. However in order to get the right shade it is important to focus away from the face and take a look at your neck. If your foundation perfectly matches your neck, you shouldn't have a further problem of matching your face to your body!


Never Pump Your Mascara

Ever wonder why your mascara tends to dry up at the speed of light? Many people don't realize that pumping their mascara, or moving the wand up and down quickly will only allow more air into the tube causing the mascara to dry up before you get your use out of it. So instead of shortening the lifespan of your newly bought mascara, try to avoid letting in air into the tube and your mascara should last you longer than you expect!


Clean Make up Brushes

We all know that it is something that we should be doing, but most of us don't put much significance into this makeup tip. Cleaning your brushes can be a burdensome task despite it being so quick and easy, but it is something that we shouldn't be so haste to dismiss. Dirty brushes grow bacteria that we would be constantly applying to our faces, it's not hygienic or healthy for your skin. So cleaning your brushes is one habit you should implement into your routine!


Use Toothpaste to Fight Pimples

Pimples always tend to show up at the wrong time and in the wrong places! So it is only right to educate yourself on ways to fight pimples overnight. One of the best ways to dry up your zits before morning and be a step closer to getting rid of what seems like the biggest pimple you've ever had, is to apply a generous layer of toothpaste on it overnight. Although this trick won't completely get rid of your acne, it will dry it up making it appear better.


Freeze the Eyeliner

If you have a love and hate relationship with your eyeliner because it always crumbles when you put it on, try to freeze your eyeliner for about 15 minutes before use. This will harden the lead and compact the eyeliner to keep it from crumbling. You will be surprised at how well it will glide on your lash line after, making your make up routine easier and mess free!


Brighten up Your Eyes

Whether you had a sleepless night or just need something to make your eyes look awake, try to use a combination of a soft white eyeliner in the corner of the eye and eye drops that brighten the whites of your eye. This power duo will make you appear more animated and awake, without having to spend a lot of time on your makeup to achieve the same results.

There are plenty of other amazing beauty habits being talked about, too – I can’t believe some people have the dedication to braid their hair every night, or make their own face masks. I’ve definitely got some things to try! What are your best beauty habits? I’d love to hear what you are trying!

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All the tips are amazing

It would be best not to use vasaline...petroleum jelly is extremely bad for you...especially if you put it on your lips. Most likely you will swallow some of it.

Lemon juice can dry out your hair you should mix a third if water with lemon in a spray bottle before you use it, beer works as a final rinse for burnettes as the hops make it shiny. All so adding a teaspoon of bicarb to your shampoo removes product build up.

Drinking water at least one liter a day is on of the beauty secrets it will nourish you skin and makes you look more healthier

these tips are great!

Awesome tips ... By the way u can put baking soda to take the dead cells in your body .. It's helpful ... And do u know that u can use sugar and lemon or olive oil to take your dead cells ... It's really helpful .. I've tried it .. And it really works !! .. Plz like my answer if u found it useful :) thx

Use sunblock.. That makes me look young. Even inside the house

Does any of this help with acne?

Lavender is a known irritant.

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