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21 Heart Tattoos to Make You Look Even Cuter ...

By Eliza

Nothing is cuter than a heart, right? If you want to get a tattoo, but can't decide what you want, a heart is always a good option. Why? Because you can get one that is large, small or anywhere in between. Likewise, you can any color or group of colors you want. You can even get something fancy or something plain. See? A heart is your perfect tattoo! Here are some ideas to get you excited.

1 Cute Double Heart

Cute Double HeartSource: 26 Alluring Heart Tattoos For

2 Heart with a Rose

Heart with a RoseSource: 20 Heart Tattoos for Men

3 Lots of Little Hearts

Lots of Little HeartsSource: 26 Innovative Ankle Tattoos For

4 Tiny Black Heart

Tiny Black HeartSource: Heart Tattoos on Heel for

5 Itty Bitty Red Heart

Itty Bitty Red HeartSource: 26 Alluring Heart Tattoos For

6 Sewing Heart

Sewing HeartSource: Sewing Heart Tattoos for Women

7 In Memory of...

In Memory of...Source: 26 Alluring Heart Tattoos For

8 Simple Wrist Tattoo

Simple Wrist TattooSource: 30 Adorable Small Heart Tattoos

9 Matching Hand Tattoos

Matching Hand TattoosSource: Heart Tattoos For Women

10 Musical Heart

Musical HeartSource: Heart Tattoo on Foot for

11 Heart with an Arrow

Heart with an ArrowSource: 17 Beautiful Bow and Lace

12 Triple Heart Back Tattoo

Triple Heart Back TattooSource: Amazing men heart picture, photo

13 Heart Shaped Lock

Heart Shaped LockSource: Cool and Beautiful Heart Tattoo

14 Tiny Back Heart

Tiny Back HeartSource: Cute Heart Tattoo On Upper

15 Corset Heart

Corset HeartSource: Broken Heart Tattoos For Women

16 Black and Red Hearts

Black and Red HeartsSource: 3d cute heart cute bird

17 Fancy Heart

Fancy HeartSource: Cute leg tattoos females

18 Love Heart

Love HeartSource: Small tattoo ideas

19 Words Shaped into a Heart

Words Shaped into a HeartSource: Words Shape Tattoo Design For

20 Butterfly Heart

Butterfly HeartSource: Tribal hearts tattoos for women

21 Colorful Hip Heart

Colorful Hip HeartSource: Tattoo

Which one do you love? Where will you get it inked?

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