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5 Helpful Ways to Reduce Your Beauty Carbon Footprint ...

By Carly

When it comes to thinking about carbon footprints, I think it would be fair to say that we are really conscious about things like travel and vehicle emissions these days, but something that you might not be so conscious of is how your beauty routine might be having an impact on the environment. The beauty industry is continuing to make strides and improve their reputation, but in the meantime, there are definitely lots of things that you can start doing right now. Here are five ways to reduce your beauty carbon footprint.

1 Homegrown

Look for beauty brands and products that have been created in your home country, because buying from your own native land means that there won’t have had to be as much of a travel process to get the products in your area and available to you. Less shipping, flying etc. obviously means that less of a carbon footprint has been created by those specific products.

2 Plastic

Our use, or should I say misuse, of plastic really has reached a critical point, so in order to do your small bit to lessen the catastrophic blow of this modern conundrum, search for brands that are committed to cutting and elimination their own use of plastic in the present and the future. They might take a few searches to find, but there are definitely some eco friendly brands out there.

3 Multitasking

Cut down on your own collection of products by finding items that have multiple uses. There are plenty of all-purpose creams and products out there that can do the job of three or four individual skincare items. It’s a matter of researching what everything actually does, and questioning whether you really need multiple versions of what is essentially the same thing.

4 Electric Devices

Consider switching up your looks so that you don’t have to straighten or blow dry your hair every single day. If all of us around the world did this, then our electrical output would be much, much lower worldwide.

5 Palm Oil

This is a biggie; we need to stop buying products that are made with palm oil. The amount of deforestation that is occurring simply to source this one ingredient is a tragedy, and the fact is that you gain the same benefits and results from products that don’t contain any palm oil at all!

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