10 Ingredients Eastern Women Use to Stay Beautiful ...


10 Ingredients Eastern Women Use to Stay Beautiful ...
10 Ingredients Eastern Women Use to Stay Beautiful ...

When it comes to health and beauty, it is no secret that the west has been looking to the east for inspiration since the dawn of time. In Asia, it seems as though discoveries and advancements were made much earlier than in the west, and as a result, there is a wealth of knowledge and to tap into to enhance your own routine at home! Here are 10 ingredients Eastern women use to stay beautiful.

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Shea Butter

You’ve probably seen this in a bunch of products on the shelves, and the butter is made from the Shea nut. It has similar properties to cocoa butter but it’s actually softer and is more quickly absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy finish and is a perfect moisturiser.



Now regarded by western women as the king of beauty ingredients, coconut has so many uses. Its oil and protein is used in beauty products for use from head to toe. It is also a great cooking ingredient and coconut water is so good to drink.


Green Tea

We are pretty stuck on black tea here in the west, but the east really has it going on for them with green tea! Not only is it great for things like weight loss because of how it can boost your metabolism, but it is packed full of antioxidants which are great for your skin.



Rice is a staple of the Asian diet, and it is also a great beauty ingredient. Rice Bran oil, for example, is super rich in Vitamin E which can be used effectively to nourish the skin in the form of a massage oil. It can also be used in sun protection, with rice milk being a natural form of sun protection.



The whole bloom of a wonderful hibiscus flower is used to make milk, and this milk is an excellent source of alpha hydroxy acids that can be used to smooth out wrinkles and improve the feel and look of your skin overall.


White Tea

We’ve covered green tea, but what about white tea? It is another option that is packed full of antioxidants that have amazing properties for skin care. The smell is super fragrant as well which is always nice for improving your mood and therefore your smile!



This is a fragrant herb that is big as a beauty ingredient across Asia. It has a distinct aroma and can be used in massage and in burning oils to aid relaxation.



Another super fragrant ingredient from the east, it is highly prized in the form of perfume, and whilst perfume might not have any impact on things like anti-ageing, it can make you feel really good and boost your self-confidence.



Eastern women sometimes like to wear a frangipani bloom in their hair because it releases such an amazing and irresistible scent. Just like jasmine, it can make you feel really great about yourself!


Cocoa Butter

We started with shea butter and we’ll finish with cocoa butter! It’s probably the thing that we use in the west more than any of the others, but it’s worth mentioning because of its amazing moisturizing properties. It's great for treating anything from eczema to sunburn to scarring.

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