How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly ...

By Neecey

Do you recycle? Are you conscious of how much energy you use? So should you think about how eco-friendly your beauty routine is? This is one area of your life that is easier to make green than you might imagine. And it only brings benefits for you and the planet.

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Cut down on Water Use

One of the first steps in any eco-friendly beauty routine is learning how to conserve water. When you brush your teeth, for example, there is no reason to leave the water running. As you are wetting and brushing, turn off the water and only use it when you need to rinse your toothbrush and mouth. You can conserve water in the shower too, by turning off the water as you lather up, and not lingering any longer than you have to even if that warm water feels great. Not only will you conserve water, but also the electricity it takes to heat the water.


Use Candles

If you are taking a shower or bath, cut the lights and use candles. Not just any kind of candle - use fragrant soy candles for the most ecological impact. The aromatherapy will create a soothing environment to accompany your bathing experience, and soy candles tend to burn longer and cleaner that your ordinary paraffin wax candles. Of course, candles won’t work if you are putting on your make up, but use them any time bright light isn’t essential.


Choose Eco-friendly Products

Manufacturers are becoming more and more conscious of how their products are created. Many are adopting more environmentally friendly processes that reduce energy usage and use more sustainable sources of energy. Some companies, such as Proctor and Gamble, are developing ways to combine reducing, reusing, and recycling into one manufacturing process. Not only do these companies produce more eco-friendly products, but the products are usually of better quality.


Make Some of Your Own Beauty Products

One way to become more eco-friendly is to try to make your own products. It could be as easy as going to your pantry, or by keeping beauty essentials in mind as you shop for groceries. For example, things like coconut oil or olive oil can be used for so many things other than food. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for hair and skin, for example, and sugar mixed with olive oil is a natural exfoliant that costs a lot less than a branded product that produces the same result.


Use Less Electricity

So many of our beauty appliances use electricity. There’s no need to use an electric hair dryer, for example, if you can plan ahead and let your hair dry naturally. Be content with your natural style and don’t try to work against it - if you’ve got curly hair, embrace it and look for styles that utilize this natural tendency; likewise if your hair is naturally straight, go with styles that take advantage of your natural hair.

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Shampoo Less

We tend to think we need to wash our hair every day. That actually damages our hair and uses more energy than we need to use. Not only can shampooing too much make our hair dry and prone to breakage, but it can use more energy than necessary. If your hair gets oily between shampooing, try dry shampoo. Baking soda makes a great dry shampoo, because it absorbs excess impurities and oils, but it’s a cheap alternative to the spray-in products you can buy in salons.


Recycle Packaging and Empty Bottle

Nearly 45% of the trash found in landfills consists of product packaging. You can help by reducing the garbage our cosmetic products contribute to the problem. There are some companies, such as Origins and Avedassk, that actually ask customers to bring in their empty containers, which they recycle for free. However, products in glass, plastic, cardboard or metal containers may be recycled without all the fanfare. Simply clean them out as best as you can and put them in the recycle bins.

We can all do our share of promoting a cleaner and happier Earth. Will you reduce your environmental footprint with these simple steps to a more natural beauty?

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