7 Pretty Expensive Beauty Products That Will Enhance Your Natural Beauty ...

Because when I was a student, I used to work in a big perfume shop, filled with a lot of expensive beauty products, I developed a certain weakness for a lot of these fabulous products, even if I didn’t always have the financial means to buy them (but hey, maybe someday I will). The most important thing I learned working there was the fact that not all those expensive beauty products were useless and that, in fact, there were quite a few that can work wonders and will enhance your natural beauty.

1. Yves Saint Laurent – Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

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Oh, how I adore this incredible beauty product! This is, in fact, my all-time favorite mascara and even though it’s a bit pricier, I believe it’s really worth every penny. You can find it in four different shades: High Density Black, Fascinating Violet, Burgundy and Intense Black. It’s an award-winning, volumizing mascara and I even saw a documentary on Discovery which said that thanks to its ingredients and amazing results, this is definitely the best mascara in the entire world. You can really achieve a dramatic lash look in a single stroke; it has an amazing smell and it lasts all day without any smudges. This is definitely one of the expensive beauty products that will really enhance your natural beauty! You can find it at Sephora for around $30.

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