7 Beauty Products to Buy at the Drugstore to save Money but Look Great ...


7 Beauty Products to Buy at the Drugstore to save Money but Look Great ...
7 Beauty Products to Buy at the Drugstore to save Money but Look Great ...

I’m about to share a list of beauty products to buy at the drugstore. If you’re skeptical, stay with me here for a couple of minutes. The drugstore might not sell all those high end, pricey products you find at department stores, but, that doesn’t mean they’re low quality. I buy most of my beauty products in the drugstore, and I stand by them as an affordable way to look great without breaking the bank. Here are some beauty products to buy at the drugstore that will save you money and keep you looking fantastic!

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Lotion There’s no reason why store brand lotion won’t do the same job that more expensive products do. Lotion is one of the beauty products to buy at the drugstore that will save you big dollars. Read the ingredients list on your favorite brand, then compare them to the generic and you’ll probably be surprised to see that the formulation is very similar. So go ahead, save some money, grab your lotion at the drugstore, and spend the extra on some great new shoes!



Lipstick Lip color can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Unless you have specific skin care needs, inexpensive lipstick can still meet your needs. You’ll have so many color options at your fingertips that you’re sure to find one that brings out your fabulous facial features.



Foundation I always wear foundation because it evens out my skin tone, but my favorite drugstore brand also contains sunscreen. With advances in the way makeup is formulated, most drugstore products are high quality without the high price tag. I also buy by foam wedges for applying foundation at the drugstore.


Hair Care

Hair Care Sometimes the price of shampoo, conditioner and styling products at the salon gives me a major case of sticker shock. I buy all my hair care products at the drugstore, including shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, mousse, even my combs, brushes and flattening iron. Why spend all the money when these products work perfectly well for less cash? If you have specific scalp or hair conditions, you might not be able to get away with this, but for the average girl, drugstore hair care is awesome!



Please don’t go without deodorant, no matter what! But, don’t think you have to spend big bucks either. Often, the same brand you’d buy at the grocery store is cheaper at the drugstore. You can still enjoy your favorite brand and save enough for a latte at the same time! Many drugstores sell generic deodorant that is the same as the name brands, so you won’t be missing out on any of the perks.


Hair Dye

Hair Dye If you, like many women, want a little something extra in terms of your hair color, the drugstore is the perfect place to find what you need. From highlighting kits to complete dye jobs, the drugstore has a product for you. If you don’t have any experience coloring your own hair, get some tips and tricks before getting started or your trip to the drugstore might backfire on you. Otherwise, go for it!


Nail Polish

Nail Polish I love to paint my nails and very rarely leave home without nail polish on. If you’re like me, this obsession can add up quickly, so drugstore nail polish is ideal. Not only can I indulge my craving for awesome nails, but I don’t have to spend a bunch. What more could a girl ask for?

If you skip the drugstore, you need to get in there and see what you can get. Which product do you think you can save money on?

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So basically everything?!I don't agree.Your hair is never gonna be the exact color what You wish for from a box.Haircare-especially colored,damaged,sensitive,skincare,foundation is a huge no no in my opinion.

Drugstore shampoos are full of fillers, conditioners too. As a hairdresser for 42, I could tell you nightmare stories of people who have tried coloring their own hair. We have updated educational class's all the time about colouring and trust me, sometimes it IS rocket science!

I learned that box hair color is NOT created equal! In it thee is something called mettalic salts. It's a cheap way to get the dye to hold onto your hair longer. I box dyed my hair black for 7 years. My hair was healthy and split end free. But, the time came (and it did come ladies) when I wanted a change in color. No salon would touch my hair because of the amount of metallic salt build up. This forced me to so it myself. Since I was a newbie the light hair, I couldn't get the color to stay and not go brassy. In turn I ended up frying my locks, cutting 8 inches off, and dying it back to black to cover up all the damage. Just recently I could someone who would finally so my hair. She said that if I had gotten my hair dyed professionally she could just color remove most of the dye out, but because of the metallic salts, she would have to bleach it all the way. She did an amazing job! It took 3 months and a lifetime of patience but I'm finally a healthy haired blonde. She didn't even have to cut more that an inch off my hair in total! But because of the multiple bleachings and the Brazilian blowout that had to go on the save my hair... It ended up costing me $1600!! Moral of the story, if you try to be cheap, In the end you'll end up spending more money to buy what makes you really happy. Thats how I believe about every item on this list

In hair and skin care I notice a huge difference between professional/hig quality products and drugstore ones!I can spend 25$ in a shampoo if it really brings my hair back to life..

@ Tamira yeah really!!!! Some drugstore foundations are better then the expensive ones. Try revlon , l'oreal. You may be surprised.

I buy my products from the drugstore! I almost never pay more than £20 for anything like that. I find all of it works fine and just don't have a budget for lots of expensive make up

In Japan,There is a rumor that NIVEA cream's ingredients are much similar to DE LA MER. Their main ingredients are same.

Can you say harmful ingredients? Read your labels saving money is not worth your health. Things like lead, mineral oil, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, parabens. All inexpensive and used in inexpensive products.

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