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7 of the Best False Lashes for Dramatic Eyes ...

By Lisa

Whether you’re a lash novice or expert, this list of the best false lashes will help you achieve your desired look. Fake eyelashes can be natural or they can be over-the-top and totally dramatic, it’s all up to you! With false lashes, you can instantly update your look with just a few steps and then change it right back at the end of the night. Keep reading for a list of the best false lashes that you can get your hands on.

1 Sephora Collection False Eye Lashes in Mainstay

Sephora Collection False Eye Lashes in MainstayOne of the best false lashes out there is from the Sephora Collection. They have ten different styles to choose from ranging from subtle to all out glam but one model in particular, Mainstay, stands out from the rest. Users love that all of these lashes are made from natural hair so they’re soft and give a more natural look. Mainstay gives you full and sexy lashes anytime your heart desires!
Price: $10 at

2 Illamasqua False Eye Lashes in Grandeur

Illamasqua False Eye Lashes in GrandeurWhen I think of Illamasqua, demure doesn’t come to mind and they’re falsies are no different. If you’re going to a party, club or some other special event and you want your eyes to pop, you’ve gotta pick up a set of Grandeur lashes. They’re super long, dark and absolutely perfect for those night you want your eyes to take center stage. All of Illamasqua’s false lashes are handmade and even come in orange and blue.
Price: $15 at

3 M.a.C. 44 Lash

M.a.C. 44 LashM.A.C. is well known for their false lashes and the 44 Lash is one of the boldest. This set of lashes is actually a combination of individual bundles of lashes with the outer corners winged out so they are full, lush and flirty. Ladies love the comfort and flexibility of the band as well as the lightweight quality despite the size and fullness of the lashes
Price: $16 at

4 Ardell Glamour Lashes in Double up 201

Ardell Glamour Lashes in Double up 201Ardell is one of the most popular drugstore brands of false eye lashes. They have so many different types of lashes for various types of eyes so there really is something for everyone. Double Up 201 has a double layer of lashes so you get double the drama and volume. This pair works for small, round, large and deep-set eyes for a glamorous, feminine look.
Price: $5.49 at

5 NYX Cosmetics Fabulous Eye Lash Extreme Measures

NYX Cosmetics Fabulous Eye Lash Extreme MeasuresNYX’s collection of false lashes is made from a mix of natural and synthetic hair and comes in just about every lash style you could imagine and more. With 40 styles to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one, but Extreme Measures is one of your best bets for flirty and feminine lashes that makes heads turn. These lashes are easy to clean and the lash band is super durable for many uses.
Price: $3.99 at

6 Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear 107

Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear 107Eylure’s Evening Wear 107 lashes give eyes full and fabulous look, but they aren’t so exaggerated so they look great for a romantic evening out. They’re made of 100% natural hair and work well on all eye shapes. These lashes get high marks for easy application, easy removal and their durability.
Price: $4.99 at

7 Red Cherry Eyelashes #40

Red Cherry Eyelashes #40Red Cherry is another super popular brand of false eye lashes that many makeup artists love to use. They too have lots of different styles of lashes, however #40 is extraordinary. If you’ve ever wanted doll-likes lashes that are incredibly full, long and voluminous, this will give you your desired look! Made of 100% human hair, this pair works especially well for round, almond-shaped, deep-set and large eyes.
Price: $2.50 at

Are you ready to go lash shopping? These false lashes are all top-rated for their durability and ability to give us glamorous eyes comfortably and beautifully. Do you wear false lashes? What’s your favorite brand?

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