9 Secrets from "Secrets of Gorgeous" You Must Know


9 Secrets from "Secrets of Gorgeous" You Must Know
9 Secrets from "Secrets of Gorgeous" You Must Know

One of my favorite books on beauty is "Secrets of Gorgeous" by expert nutritionist Esther Blum. It's a tiny hot pink book that's packed with over 200 amazing tips on everything from skin care to hangover cures. Here are some of my favorite "Secrets of Gorgeous" tips that I think every woman needs to know!

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Sexy Substitutes

Sexy Substitutes Here is a list of healthy alternatives to common ingredients used in food. In "Secrets of Gorgeous," Esther suggests agave syrup in place of corn syrup. I personally don't like agave syrup and think there are better alternatives, like unfiltered organic honey or brown rice syrup. Nevertheless, these substitutes will allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

• Instead of corn syrup, try agave rice syrup.
• Instead of white flour, try almond flour or coconut flour.
• Instead of milk chocolate, try dark chocolate.
• Instead of cow's milk, try almond milk or rice milk.
• Instead of shortening, try butter.
• Instead of vegetable oil, try grapeseed oil.


Snack Attack

Snack Attack Usually when I want to snack, drinking a cup or two of water does the trick! But if you need something to nibble on, check out Esther's suggestions for a healthy bite to eat.

• Hard boiled eggs
• Celery with peanut butter
• Turkey slices smeared with avocado and rolled up
• Handful of raw nuts
• Apple slices with peanut butter
• Carrots and hummus
• Vegetables and guacamole
• Yogurt and fruit


12 Most Contaminated Fruits & Veggies

12 Most Contaminated Fruits & Veggies This is Esther's list of the most contaminated fruits and vegetables. If possible, you should always buy these fruits and veggies organically grown.

• Apples
• Cherries
• Peaches
• Red raspberries
• Bell peppers
• Imported grapes
• Pears
• Spinach
• Celery
• Nectarines
• Potatoes
• Strawberries


12 Least Contaminated Fruits & Veggies

12 Least Contaminated Fruits & Veggies This is Esther's list of the least contaminated veggies. It's still good to buy organic, when possible. But if you are tight on money, these items are a little more flexible.

• Asparagus
• Broccoli
• Kiwi
• Papaya
• Avocados
• Cauliflower
• Onions
• Pineapples
• Bananas
• Corn (sweet)
• Mangoes
• Peas (sweet)


Dairy Therapy

Dairy Therapy Many women are lactose intolerant and as a result can suffer from skin and digestion issues caused by dairy. According to Esther, the problem isn't milk - it's the pasteurization process. Once the cows' milk is pasteurized, we lose the ability to assimilate its calcium into our bloodstream. Here are some alternatives to pasteurized milk.

• Raw Milk: If you've been dairy-free for a while but want to work dairy back into your diet, introduce just a few ounces of raw milk per day until your system adjusts. The calcium and nutrients in raw milk are easy to absorb.
• Goats' Milk: Many women sensitive to cows' milk do just fine on goats' milk. Though a bit pricey, goats' milk is rich in proteins that are much easier to digest than cows' milk.
• Almond Milk: Unsweetened, enriched almond milk is rich in protein and lower in carbs than other nondairy alternatives. It works well in baking, coffee, tea, or just on the rocks.
• Rice Milk: This works well in baking, hot beverages, or straight up. Watch out for the sugar content of rice milk, though - it has almost three times the carbs and 1/8 of the protein of cows' milk.


Sugar Scrub Recipe

Sugar Scrub Recipe This is a cool DIY sugar scrub recipe to keep your feet and body silky smooth. You should always make this scrub fresh, and don't let it sit longer than a week.

1/4 - 1/2 cup sugar
1-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (more or less, as desired)
2 drops essential oil of lavender, or any other essential oil of your choice

Place the sugar in a Tupperware container, then pour in the extra virgin olive oil to moisturize the sugar. Add in the two drops of the essential oil.


Nail down the Issue

Nail down the Issue Check out these suggestions for healthy nails! Unhealthy nails are often a reflection of something missing from within, but a dose of healing foods and vitamins should get your nails strengthened in no time.

• For soft nails that tear or peel easily - pump more protein into your diet.
• For dry, brittle nails that break easily - add calcium-rich foods and supplements.
• For horizontal or vertical ridges - get your thyroid checked.
• For thin, flat, spoon-shaped nail beds - check your iron levels and grab a steak, plus supplemental iron if necessary.
• For white spots on nails or nail bed - think zinc.
• For darkened nail beds - add B12 supplements.


You're so Vein

You're so Vein I can't stand the tiny little veins on the backs of my legs! Spider or varicose veins can be caused by standing all day, always sitting cross-legged, a pregnancy, or genes. And they are almost always associated with liver congestion. They drive me crazy. I'm grateful that mine aren't out of control, but I've started following these tips from Esther to prevent them from getting worse as I get older.

• Collinsonia root (stone root): Collinsonia has been proven to help clear out stubborn varicose veins (and hemorrhoids, too!). Give yourself 6 to 12 weeks to see results. Take 4 to 6 capsules per day with a full glass of water.
• A-F betafood: A whole-food supplement derived from beetroot and carrots, A-F beta food helps support liver function and fats' breakdown. Take 6 tablets per day.
• Milk thistle: Take 300 mg per day.


Natural Face Lift

Natural Face Lift I don't plan on going under the knife, so that means I have to put in the work now! Our skin is our greatest accessory, ladies. A diet filled with sugar is your worst enemy, but these tips will help get you back on track.

• Eat wild Alaskan salmon at least three times per week; it's a face lift in your fridge.
• Eat avocado and raw nuts and seeds to moisturize your skin from within.
• Eat blueberries and cantaloupe to plump up and protect the delicate cells of your skin that help you look beautiful.
• Drink green tea and lots of water each day.
• Most importantly, love the skin you're in and take good care of it - it's the only skin you've got!

And there you have it! These 9 gorgeous tips are some of my faves. Do you have any beauty tips you swear by? I'd love to read about them!

Source: Secrets of Gorgeous by Esther Blum

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What on earth is agave rice syrup? Agave is from cactus? Is it agave-rice syrup? Like a combo of the two?

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