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8 Beauty Tips for Dark Skinned Girls ...

By Heather

Locating the best beauty tips for dark skinned girls isn't easy! There are tons of forums out there, but there aren't a lot of lists of beauty tips for dark skinned girls. Well ladies, now there is! I came up with the top 8 beauty tips for dark skinned girls to keep you looking beautiful! So you ready? Let's take a look below!

1 Avoid Too Much Exposure to Heat

This beauty tip for dark skinned girls is actually good for all of us – stay away from the sun ladies! You never want to lay out in the sun without at least a little protection, for it can be completely damaging to your skin in the long run. So bulk up on the sunblock girls before heading to the beach!

2 Tinted Moisturizer over Foundation

Did you know that you can actually add in moisturizer over foundation to really lock in the moisturizer? Just a little bit of tinted moisturizer over your foundation can really make your skin that much softer and more beautiful! So ladies, did you know about this secret beauty tip for dark skinned girls?

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3 Shower in Lukewarm Water, Not Hot

This beauty tip for dark skinned girls is actually one that everyone can benefit from! Instead of having that hot, hot shower, just have some lukewarm water! The reasoning behind this tip is actually because hot water can dry out your skin, while lukewarm water keeps your skin hydrated. Give it a try girls!

4 Control the Oil

One beauty tip for dark skinned girls all revolves around controling the amount of oil that you have on your skin. Whether it is using a little lemon juice before your moisturizer or using just a very, very light moisturizer instead of something heavy.

5 Use Toner

Toner is another great way to not only clear up any acne that you have, but also to keep the oil under control! For me, I use toner every day and it really helps stuck up the oil and also make sure that my skin stays completely blemish-free! Try it ladies!

6 Face Mask Once a Week

There are tons of different face masks out there for you to try and some of them you can even make from things in your kitchen! This beauty tip for dark skinned girls can really be for anyone – one face mask a week can really help keep your skin beautiful!

7 Exfoliate

I actually had no idea that there was such a thing as over-exfoliating your skin, so make sure that you watch out for that, but once a week, you should absolutely scrub your face down a bit! That way you can make sure that you are getting all of the dead skin off of your face and down the drain.

8 Avoid Heavy Powder

Finally ladies, the last beauty tip for dark skinned girls that we're going to talk about is avoiding heavy powder. Heavy powder can make your face look caky and like you are wearing makeup, which we all want to avoid! So ladies, keep it light and airy.

There you have it! My top 8 beauty tips for dark skinned girls. Dark skin is absolutely beautiful, no matter what shade it is! So ladies, what other beauty tips for dark skinned girls do you have? Share below!

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