9 Easy Daily Tips to Enhance Your Natural Beauty ...


9 Easy Daily Tips to Enhance Your Natural Beauty ...
9 Easy Daily Tips to Enhance Your Natural Beauty ...

Some days, I wonder why I bother with makeup at all, when it’s so much easier to be a natural beauty. Foundation and bronzer, concealer and eye shadow… it’s just too much! If you’re ready to take the plunge and go natural, I can help! Here are 9 tips to enhance natural beauty. Let’s get started!

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Go Nude!

Come on, girl, take it all off… all of your makeup, that is! It’s a bold move, but the only way to enhance your natural beauty is to start with a clean palette, and to forego any makeup… at least to start. Let’s move on!


Use a Gentle Cleanser

Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and the first step is to use a gentle cleanser, one that washes away all the dirt and makeup, but doesn’t strip your skin. My favorite is Purity Made Simple by Philosophy.


Exfoliate Your Lips

You don’t need a lip gloss or lipstick to have full, kissable lips, the natural beauty way. Exfoliate them, and use a lip balm after, to keep them smooth and soft and supple. You can either use an exfoliant designed for lips (like Kiss Me by Philosophy) or simply rub them with a clean, warm washcloth for 60 seconds.


Use a Good Moisturizer

Again, I have to stress the importance of healthy, hydrated skin as a way to enhance your natural beauty. A good moisturizer, even a tinted one, is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and happy. I love Hope in a Jar by Philosophy, but there are so many great moisturizers out there! Experiment until you find one you love.


Wear Sunblock

Natural beauties avoid the sun, and if they can’t, they use a good sunblock, one that offers SPF 30 broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection. Why? Sunlight causes wrinkles, sun spots, and worse, cancer! My favorite sunscreen is Philosophy’s Sunny Girl… try it! You’ll love it, and your skin will thank you.


Use a Clear Lash Enhancer

If you have sparse or light lashes, you might want to cheat just a little and use a clear lash growth serum on your lashes to enhance your natural beauty. Apply at night before bed, and again in the morning after washing, and you’ll notice thicker, darker lashes in as little as 6 weeks. Hooray!


Keep Your Brows Tidy

Natural beauty doesn’t have to mean caterpillar-thick unibrows. Feel free to keep your eyebrows tweezed and tidy, but don’t go overboard with the plucking. Remember to focus on the hairs below your brow rather than above, and in between your brows, but not too far to the left or right.


Wash before Bed

Even though you’re not wearing makeup during the day, it’s still important to keep your skin healthy, and enhance your natural beauty, by washing away the dirt and pollution from the day before bed at night. Again, Purity Made Simple by Philosophy is a great gentle cleanser.


Be Natural from the inside out!

You are what you eat, so if you’re always munching on junk food, it’s time to change your diet to enhance your natural beauty! Opt for fresh fruits and veggies rather than sweets and salty crisps, and be sure to drink plenty of water rather than sugary soda. Another tip? Avoid greasy fried foods and caffeine, which depletes your hydration at an alarming rate. There! More beautiful already, inside and out!

With so many ways to enhance natural beauty, there’s no reason to pile on the makeup and hide your gorgeousness! It’s not easy to give up the makeup, but be bold and try it… you might never wear makeup again! If you’re ready to go natural, which is these tips will you try first? Or do you have another tip for enhancing natural beauty that works wonders for you? Please share!

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Thanks! I would definetely try the lips thing. But 1 thing, I love sun bathing because it gives my skin a honey shade and prevents me from wearing foundation so that quite shocked me that the sun can actually make it worse . . .

thank you Jennifer for helpful advices!

can you suggesting me a good moisturiser.......

apply toothpaste on your toothbrush and rub it on your face where the dry skin is and gets rid of all the skin cells, it works for me and it works on your lips too!:) hopw this helped.

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