7 Tips for Picking the Right Eyebrow Shape ...


7 Tips for Picking the Right Eyebrow Shape ...
7 Tips for Picking the Right Eyebrow Shape ...

Learning how to pick the right eyebrow shape is important, because you can really enhance your facial beauty that way. If the eyes are the windows to the soul then the eyebrows are like your curtains, or at least your valances. You need them properly shaped in order to increase the symmetry in your face and make your eyes pop. Fortunately, shaping your eyebrows isn't nearly as hard as you may think, and you don't necessarily have to get waxed or threaded either – although you can! Whether you pluck, wax, or thread, you need to know how to shape your eyebrows to make the most of your look. Keep reading, because I've got everything you need to know!

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Avoid Makeup Counters

In order to properly learn how to pick the right eyebrow shape, you also need to know about the things you should avoid. For one thing, don't let the folks behind the makeup counter shape your eyebrows. They're talented people to be sure, but more often than not, their expertise has nothing to do with tweezers, so just don't let them come near you with those. They could mess up your overall shape, and even though it may be free, it's not worth it.


Find Your Facial Shape

Aside of that, the most important thing you need to know about how to shape your eyebrows is your overall facial shape. If you have a round face, high brows are best, while longer faces require flatter brows. Oval faces can handle just about anything, while round brows are fantastic for heart shaped faces.


Think about Brow Shapes

You also have to think about all the eyebrow shapes out there. The variations are endless, but as you can see, there are specific shapes and bases on which you can build. Rounded eyebrows are softer, with very gentle, subtle arches and flat brows have hardly any arch at all, and tend to be more horizontal. You can also choose between sharply angled eyebrows, softly angled eyebrows, and curved brows.


Consider Your Coloring

The color of your skin, eyes, and hair all play a role in picking the right eyebrow shape. The color of your eyebrows themselves is important as well. For example, if you have extremely pale eyebrows, some styles and shapes will work better than others. You may also need to go with a thicker brow. If, however, your eyebrows are very dark, something thinner may work best.


Visit a Professional

Although it's far more practical to do maintenance yourself, one of the most important tips in learning how to pick the right eyebrow shape is to let someone else do it for you. Experts say you should do this all the time and never shape your eyebrows yourself, that's not really possible and I disagree. Once you've had practice, you can generally shape your own eyebrows without tweezing or waxing yourself bald. However, the first few times, visit a professional, because not only will he or she be able to get the shape just right, he or she will also be able to give you tips for maintenance and for styling your brows.


Use the Right Tools

There are lots of tools you can use when you're shaping your eyebrows. You may prefer tweezers, you may like to wax, you may even want to try threading yourself. Those aren't all the tools you need, though! You should also always have an eyebrow pencil, and a sculpting gel or glaze isn't a bad idea either. They can help your brows look smooth and keep their shape. You might even want to invest in shaping guides and stencils, just to give you some extra help.


Not Too Much or Too Little

When you're plucking or waxing your own eyebrows, you have to be so careful! Never pluck or wax too much, or else you'll wind up having to thin your eyebrows way too much, just to make sure they're even. Don't leave too much out of fear, either, or else your brows may look much too thick. That's why it's important to use a professional, at least in the beginning.

If you want to know how to pick the right eyebrow shape, it really is a good idea to talk to a professional. You can study some resources to learn your facial shape as well. Just remember to start out slow! Although your eyebrows will of course grow back, it can be a long wait when you're impatient. As with cutting your hair, you can take off a little more if you need to, but you can't put it back! When you're shaping your eyebrows, what's your preferred way to do it?

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i hv a round face n i have dark black eyebrows and dark brown eyes...vhich shape ll suit me.........

Is there any place to see the different types of face shapes and the different types of eye brow shapes?

I have an oval face, very dark brown eyebrows, and blue/green eyes. What eyebrow shape should I choose?

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