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9 Tips to Get out of Your Makeup Rut ...

By Lisa

Do you find yourself growing tired of your current makeup routine and want to know how to get out of a makeup rut? I know what you’re going through! Even though I have a pretty large collection of makeup, I still find myself bored and bemused! So, knowing that we ladies all need a little help in this department at times, I scoured the interwebs looking for some tips on how to get out of a makeup rut so we can get excited about our makeup again! Ready, set, get gorgeous!

1 Take Inventory

The first step in how to get out of a makeup rut is to look at your current collection of makeup and sort. Sort out your must-have products with the items that are old, used up or you just never use anymore. Get rid of the items that are old and are no longer used so you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Focus on what you have, do you need to replace any products or stock up on anything? Make a list for yourself and then head to the drugstore or makeup counter.

2 Just Looking

Next up in how to escape a makeup rut is to head to your nearest drugstore or beauty supply store and get some inspiration from the new colors and lines of makeup for the season. Look at all the displays and packaging and see if any look catches your eye. It’s rare that I can go to a drugstore or Sephora and not get inspired by someone or something! Makeup companies are constantly coming up with new products and creating new colors and themes to their products so be inspired!

3 Change up

Another great way to break out of a makeup rut is to change the features you normally emphasize. If you generally play up your lips, try playing up your eyes and play down the lips. Focusing on another area of the face forces you to try different tools, techniques and products. You might find yourself wondering why you never emphasized those sexy cheekbones before!

4 Different Strokes

Escape a boring makeup routine by adding a colored liner or mascara to your stash of beauty products! Some women never venture beyond black or brown liner or mascara and it’s a shame! Add an unexpected pop of color to your makeup by adding a flattering blue, green, violet or grey hue to your eyes to bring out the color of your beautiful eyes!

5 Venture out

Another easy step in how to get out of a makeup rut is to try a beauty product that you’ve never used before. Instead of shying away from lip plumpers or eye luminizers, try them out! There’s no better way to break out of a lackluster makeup routine than to venture out and try something you’ve never used before! Try a set of false lashes or ombre lips, the options are endless!

6 Try Me

Try out cosmetics in a color you’ve never used before as a way of getting out of a makeup rut. There has to be some shades that you’ve never tried before! If you normally reach for neutrals, try out tangerine or hot pink. If you like bright colors, try using some earth-toned makeup. Try emulating a look that is the opposite of yours and who knows, you might find that you can rock the hell outta yellow eye shadow!

7 Formula One

A simple tip on how to get out of a makeup rut is to try out a product in a different formula than you usually use. If you always use a powder blush, try cream or gel. If you always use pencil eyeliner, try gel or cream. Even small changes like this can make a huge difference in your overall look and it might inspire you to try out different formulas in other products as well!

8 Get Lippy

If you want to know how to escape a makeup rut without having to make too many changes to your routine, try using a lipstick in the same color family as usual but with a twist like with gold flecks, shimmer, or in a matte shade. Also, if you always use gloss, try layering the gloss on top of lipstick. If you always wear lipstick, try wearing a lip stain or lip gloss instead!

9 Get Versatile

The last tip on how to get out of a makeup rut is to switch up your cosmetics. Try using different products for different areas of your face. Try your favorite lipstick as a blush or a favorite eye shadow as a liner. Use a shimmery eye shadow to get a nice glow on your nose or try adding some of your favorite shade of eye shadow to clear nail polish and create a new nail color.

Now you have 9 different methods on how to get out of a makeup rut! Even if you’re not bored with your current routine, try out one of the 9 tips to get inspired and come up with a new look or new set of go-to colors! Be bold and daring when you try out new makeup, if you hate it, all you have to do is wash it off and start over again! Have fun! Plus, we're dying to know what kind of bold makeup changes you've made -- how did they work for you?

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