7 Simple Steps to Wake up Your Makeup in Less than a Minute ...


7 Simple Steps to Wake up Your Makeup in Less than a Minute ...
7 Simple Steps to Wake up Your Makeup in Less than a Minute ...

Have you ever taken a look in the mirror midday only to wish there was a way to freshen up your makeup and change your look? Or perhaps you’re just tired of sporting the same signature look and want a fast and easy way to look good without having to invest in expensive makeup and tools. Either way, I found 7 super simple steps to wake up your makeup in 60 seconds or less!

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Waterline Makeover

One quick way to freshen up makeup and eyes is to switch up the colors you use to line your waterline. If you have a habit of using black liner, try white or flesh-toned colors to really open up your peepers and make you look alert and ready for anything. If you feel like white liner on your waterline is too obvious or looks odd, try a shimmery pink toned liner instead.


Blush in Place of Bronzer

Wake your face instantly by swapping or ditching your bronzer for blush. Bronzer can do some amazing things, but if you want more color and want to bring out your complexion’s natural tones, blush does a great job with less fuss! Although bronzers are versatile, it’s much easier to make makeup mistakes with bronzer than blush. With bronzer we’re usually trying to add color and dimension which can be difficult for those who are new to the product.


The Eyebrows Have It

Another simple trick to wake up your face is to style your brows. When you’re using a powder or pencil to fill in your brows, pay close attention to the center arch area. The center arch is the highest point, so defining this area can create the illusion of having bigger eyes. It might seem like such a subtle change but nothing looks worse than overly made up and done brows! This is an easy way to make you look fresh and alert minus the caffeine crash.


Gloss It up

Use lip gloss to freshen up makeup and take your look from the office to after hours! If you’re diehard lipstick or lip balm girl, give glosses a go. Lip glosses come in a range of pigments and coverage so you can achieve a liquid lipstick type look or a sheer shimmer with a pretty wash of color in seconds. Glosses can be layered to lighten up a too-dark lipstick, create a new color or add some shimmer to an otherwise plain color!


Walk the Tightline

Tightlining your eyes is a super quick way to wake up your makeup! It can be a bit challenging in the beginning, it always makes my eyes water but I got used to it. Tightlining involves lining the rim of your upper eye in between your lashes. If your eye makeup has faded and all you have is an eyeliner pencil, tightlining your eyes can literally transform your look in a few strokes!


Texture Tryouts

Freshen up makeup and your eyes by getting rid of your standby eye makeup and replace it with a similar product in a different texture. There are so many options in eye liner these days it can make you dizzy! Try a different type of eye liner like swapping pencils for creams to achieve a different look. You can also wet your eye shadow and use it to line your eyes for a softer yet well-defined look also!


Shadow Swap

Get a makeup update by going beyond your normal range of eye shadow shades and try out colors you’ve never tried before. If you like dark colors like charcoal or gunmetal colors, try shimmery navy or plums, if you like neutrals try gold or peach colors. Many of us stick to a certain palette of colors even though we have a wide range of choices. Take a risk with your makeup and try a color you’ve never worn!

You can really freshen up makeup in a few easy steps. The next time you feel uninspired or need to do some touch-ups on your makeup, try out one of these easy tricks to wake up your face! You might discover that you weren’t accentuating some of your greatest and most striking features! Do you have any tricks to instantly shake up your makeup look?

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