8 Striking Beauty Tips for Monolids ...

By Lisa

8 Striking Beauty Tips for Monolids ...

If you have hooded eyelids or thin eyelids, you’re going to want to read up on these fabulous beauty tips for monolids! These 8 striking beauty tips will help you to create gorgeous eye makeup looks that are tailored to those who have a monolids minus the eyelid tape and sugery! It can be frustrating to see so many makeup tutorials for ladies with double lids when there are just as many with monolids! Remember that just because monolids require different makeup application techniques doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with makeup!

1 Blend

A major makeup tip for monolids is to make sure you blend your eye makeup. If you lack a crease, eye makeup can help create one so blending out all of your eye shadows is crucial to making it look natural and even more beautiful! Whenever you’re applying eye shadow on your eyelid, make sure you blend from the middle of the eye and out. I know we all aim to blend out our eye shadow to get a seamless look but it’s just a reminder for those with monolids that it’s an important tip to remember!

2 Groom Brows

Grooming and shaping your eyebrows in a nice, flattering shape is another makeup tip for ladies with monolids. Properly shaping and keeping brows groomed can really make a difference in the way your entire face looks and draw attention to your eyes. Remove stray hairs and get them groomed by a pro so you have an eye brow shape that look best for your face shape and features!

3 Extend Eyeliner

Dragging out your eyeliner past the corner of your eye is a beauty tip for both monolids and double-lidded beauties! This tip can make your lashes appear longer and wider so almost all eye shapes can benefit from this little tip! You can use pencil, gel or liquid liner to do this, just make sure you use a type of liner that works for your skin type. Many ladies like to use gel or liquid liner because it tends to stay on longer than pencil!

4 Fake a Crease

This next eye makeup tip is to fake a crease in your eye if you don’t have an obvious one. You’ll need a neutral and darker colored eye shadow and an eye shadow brush to fake a crease. Take your neutral colored shadow and apply it all over your eye. Next, take the darker color and sweep it on to the crease. You can find your crease by taking your finger and gently feeling for the rim of your eye socket and apply the darker color there. You can also apply a highlight to the brow bone to make the eyes more noticeable and really shine!

5 Line and Define

This list of beauty tips for monolids wouldn’t be complete without mentioning eyeliner! Even if you don’t have a prominent eyelid or double lid, eyeliner can really define and help your peepers stand out! You can line your eyes the traditional way, tightline your eyes to create the illusion of fuller lashes or both! With monolids, a thin line can disappear but drawing a thick, winged line can give monolids a lift and make them look really glam! Don’t be afraid of drawing a thick line on your eyelids, they won’t look weird or make your eyes look smaller. Keep in mind that when lining your lower lash line that lining right on the rim can make them look smaller so try lining your eyes below the lash line or on the waterline to see what looks best on you!

6 Lush Lashes

One of the top beauty tips for monolids that can totally transform your eyes is to augment those lashes! Long and full lashes can make even the smallest eyes look big and bold! False lashes do a really great job at opening up eyes but if you’re not good at applying lashes (like me) or you just don’t like them, you can always try extensions or layering mascara primers and lengthening mascara. If you’re new to all of these options, try a few of them out to see what you like best!

7 Lighten up

The next eye makeup tip is to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Use a light, shimmery shade and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes and watch those babies light up like stars! Keep in mind with this tip is that if you highlight your inner corners and you’re using a light shimmery shadow on your eyelid, it might be too much. Of course this all depends on your eyes and how you like to wear your eye makeup, so try out both looks and see what you prefer!

8 Clamp and Curl

This last makeup tip for ladies with monolids might be the most important of all-curl those lashes! Curling your eyelashes can instantly make you look more awake and make your eyes your look large and in charge! If you have a hard time keeping the curl in your lashes after your use your eyelash curler, try using waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara can be a pain to remove but many ladies will agree that it’s the best formula to keep lashes curled longer.

There you have some key beauty tips for monolids that can help take your eye makeup look to a whole other level! Using false lashes and finding a way to line your eyes just right might take some time to master, but makeup is all about experimenting and having fun so don’t give up! If you have monolids do you have any beauty tips you’d like to share? Do you have any words of beauty advice for beginners?

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I have monolids, and I agree with all points...except that faking the crease doesn't look good on me.


All I have to say is... if you looked like the girl on the cover, why would you want to fake a crease with makeup?


Very interesting! I will be sharing :)


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