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Halloween Tattoo Ideas for an Edgy Look ...

By Laura

What do you do when you want a cool Halloween Tattoo but don't want real ink? Get yourself a temporary tattoo! No, these aren't tattoos you get out of the little machines at the local diner, these are real, beautiful tattoos, that just happen to be completely fake! Or, if you're looking to spookify your bod, use one of these as inspiration for a real tat! Either route you choose, you'll love this list of Halloween tattoos I've made for you.

1 The Spiderweb

The Spiderweb Source:

2 Tiny Birds

Tiny Birds Source:

3 Lace Spiderweb

Lace Spiderweb Source:

4 Scars

Scars Source:

5 Snowflakes for Elsa

Snowflakes for Elsa Source:

6 Liquid Luck

Liquid Luck Source:

7 Sugar Skull Tattos

Sugar Skull Tattos Source:

8 Cracked Doll

Cracked Doll Source:

9 Bones

Bones Source:

10 Gold Tattoos

Gold Tattoos Source:

11 I Must Not Tell Lies

I Must Not Tell Lies Source:

12 Black Cat

Black Cat Source:

14 Eye Lace

Eye Lace Source:

15 Teeth Marks

Teeth Marks Source:

16 Spiders

Spiders Source:

17 Bird Necklace

Bird Necklace Source:

18 Baby Bones

Baby Bones Source:

19 Animal Print

Animal Print Source:

20 Mustache

Mustache Source:

21 Adorable Flowers

Adorable Flowers Source:

Which one is your favorite Halloween tattoo? Will any of these be part of your costume this year?

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