What's a Brow Bar and Why Should You Go to One ...

I recently broke up with my favorite pair of tweezer and started a new relationship with a wonderful lady at my local brow bar. You may wonder, what exactly is a brow bar? I will tell you it is a little slice of heaven here on earth. Learn more about brow bars and why you should go to one soon.

1. Brow Bar

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A brow bar is a salon that specializes in eyebrow shaping. Brow waxing, threading, or whatever other technique used is their specialty. They are fully equipped with the best tools and focus on brows.

2. Not a Hair Salon

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You are thinking, β€œBut wait, I just have my stylist hit up my brows when I go in for a cut.” I know. I use to do it too. I’m sure your girl, just like mine did a great job. She probably even has a little training in brow waxing, but hair is her real thing. You wouldn’t call an electrician to fix your plumbing even if he does have some knowledge. Trust me I wouldn’t let my brow lady near my head with scissors, I love my stylist too much!

3. Not Just Waxing

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At a brow bar you can get many other services done. Many of them offer brow and lash tinting, body and facial wax, and other cosmetic services.

4. It’s an Experience

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For me every trip to the brow bar has been so calm and relaxing. It’s definitely been a spa like experience. Some brow bars usually organic products and essential oils. My girl offers a face and scalp massage after she has beautified my unruly brows.

5. No Pain!

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A business that makes most of their money waxing brows is going to know how to do it in the least painful way, right? Not that typical brow waxing is a horrible pain, but it can sting a bit. For me, going to the brow bar was completely pain free. She even had products that limited the red irritated skin that my past waxing experiences left me with.

6. Experts

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Most browistas have an expertise and specialized training in eyebrow shaping. That training and expertise produces confidence and skill that can’t be argued.

7. Even for Men!

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Yes, guys, I am talking to you. These brow bars know that even men need a little brow love. They have special packages set up just for you. They will get your brows cleaned up without making you look like you’ve had a complete beauty makeover.

So what do you think, now that you have a better understanding on what a brow bar is will you make an appointment? I’ve already schedule my next one for this week. If you’ve been to a brow bar before what was your experience like, will you go again?

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