7 Essential Beauty Products for College ...


If you recently graduated high school and are getting ready to head out into the world, you might be wondering which beauty products for college are your best choices. Dorm rooms are tiny and you aren’t going to have the space to collect an entire drug store's worth of cosmetics and other products. You will need to pare down your routine and collection so you have what you need the most, but aren’t taking up all the extra space in your dorm. Check out this list of beauty products for college and you’ll be well on your way to being ready.

1. Basic Make-up

Basic Make-up

I know how fun it is to try a new look whenever you feel like it, but one of the most essential beauty products for college is a small cosmetics bag filled with your necessities. You’ll probably be in a rush to get to class each day and you’ll want to be ready to go quick when it’s time to hang out with your friends. Take the things you’ll need to create your everyday look and then toss in a couple things for a night out. There, you’re all set!

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