Natural Remedies 🌱 for Girls Wanting Longer πŸ‘ Lashes πŸ‘ without the CostπŸ’° ...


Do you long for the look of long lashes? What woman doesn’t? These are 7 ways you can get the long lashes you’re dreaming of by using natural remedies. There’s no need for chemical treatments when you can achieve great results with these 7 tricks.

1. Treat Them Gently

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This one simple step makes such a difference in how long and luscious your lashes are. It really is all about how you treat your lashes. The two times when you need to be especially gentle are when you’re applying mascara and when you’re taking it off. Avoid jerking your wand when you’re applying product, coating your lashes carefully instead. When removing mascara, take your time and give your eye makeup remover or cleanser a moment to saturate your lashes before you begin rubbing.

Apply Vaseline to Them at Bedtime
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