7 Luxurious Tips for the Perfect Pamper Evening ...


I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love a good pamper evening.

Sometimes after a stressful week, the only way to de-stress is with a nice pamper evening.

There are so many different ways you can go about having a pamper evening, though, so I compiled a list of some of my essentials for the perfect relaxing night, ending with much-needed beauty rest, of course.2

1. Bath Goodies

Bath Goodies

When it comes to a pamper evening, one product is essential.

Aromatherapy bath or shower products are absolutely necessary.

There are so many different bath products on the market now.

My personal favorites are bath bombs from Lush, but everyone has a favorite.

Test out the waters (no pun intended) and figure out what you like.

You’ll stumble across your go-to bath product for your pamper evening in no time!

If you’re a shower girl rather than a bath girl when it comes to your pamper evening, there are so many different aromatherapy shower products on the market too!

2. Face Masks

Face Masks

I think it goes without saying that it’s necessary to take your makeup off before you begin your pamper evening, but you could even take it one step further by using a face mask.

There are drugstore and higher end options for face masks, which makes them even more perfect.

If you don’t want to invest in an expensive face cream, you can always look into the face mask packets at drugstores.

I personally love the face products at Target!

3. A Good Book

A Good Book

Find a book that you want to read for fun, not because you have to, and you’ll truly be able to relax.

There’s nothing like losing yourself in a good book, except maybe losing yourself in a good book during a pamper evening.2

4. Your Favorite TV Show

Your Favorite TV Show

Missed your favorite TV show during your busy and stressful week?

I can fix that!

Load your favorite show on your laptop for either during or after your pamper evening.

You can set up an area that absolutely won’t get wet for your laptop, or you can wait until you’re in a dry environment to catch up.2

Either way, if you’re anything like me, missing your favorite TV shows during a busy week is the worst, so there’s nothing better to do on a pamper evening than catch up on them!

A Cold Drink
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