7 Beauty Secrets of Models That You Need to Try ...

Who doesn't want to know the best beauty secrets of models? The queens of the catwalk always look fab, even when they aren't on the runway. Of course a lot of them are genetically blessed, but they also learn a lot of helpful tips about how to good look since they work in the beauty industry. Here's a look at some of the beauty secrets of models for us mere mortals to try:

1. Spray Your Face to Refresh Makeup

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This is one of the easiest beauty secrets of models to incorporate into your beauty routine. Models wear a lot of makeup, and sometimes this can create an unflattering cakey look. However, all you need is a small spray bottle and some mineral water to give your face a dewy glowβ€”just spritz your face once or twice to combat that cakiness. You can also purchase facial mists containing a variety of beneficial ingredients, or you can experiment with your own ingredients at home. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water or try using rosewater instead of mineral water. Just make sure that you use a bottle that produces a fine mist, like the type of clear bottles that most body sprays come in.

2. Stay Hydrated

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This might seem like a boring beauty tip, but tons of models preach about the Importance of staying hydrated. I recently saw a before and after photo of a woman who decided to start drinking three liters of water a day, and the results were amazing. So those models know what they're talking about! But they don't just chug regular water all day long. To drink like a model, try sipping on some nutritious coconut water after a workoutβ€”it's a great healthy alternative to sugary sports drinks. Another great model tip is to start your day with a little hot water and lemon to boost your metabolism.

3. Get Oily

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A lot of women view oil as an enemy, but models love using all-natural oils in place of beauty products containing long lists of ingredients and lots of chemicals. Try using olive oil or coconut oil as a hair treatment that will make your locks shiny and soft. Coconut oil also makes a great body moisturizer, as does rosehip oil. Argan oil is another multipurpose beauty oil that's hot right now, and a tiny drop of tea tree oil can be used to dry up a zit (not all oils are moisturizing!). Consuming healthy oils is also beneficial since a healthy diet means healthy skin, so try to add a little coconut oil to your diet.

4. Always Remove Your Makeup before Going to Bed

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It might seem like a dream to have talented makeup artists constantly using your face as a canvas, but many models understand the importance of letting their skin breath as much as possible. It's especially important to get rid of all that makeup before going to sleepβ€”your pores will definitely thank you for those eight hours of not being clogged up. Sleeping in makeup also dries out skin and ages it, and obviously models don't want thisβ€”they want to look fresh and youthful as long as possible. Some models swear by makeup-removing wipes, which are perfect for ladies who are exhausted after a long photo shoot. The oils listed above (minus tea tree oil) can also be used to remove makeup.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

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After you remove your makeup, make sure that you get those eight important hours of shuteye! Models swear by beauty sleep, which is a great way to avoid that awful tired look that comes with inadequate slumber. Makeup can only do so much to disguise dark circles, red eyes, and droopy eyelids. You can also get beautified while you're off in dreamland. To wake up with fabulous hair, sleep on a silk pillowcase or apply a little olive oil to your locks (just be sure to sleep with some sort of head covering if you do this). Also be sure to apply some sort of serum, moisturizer, cream, or oil on your face to lock in moisturizer while you snooze.

6. Eat Healthy

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Models don't just eat healthy to stay thinβ€”they also want to improve the look of their skin. To eat like a model, try to munch on lots of salads containing nutrient-packed greens like spinach and kale, and top them with dressings made from healthy oils like coconut oil. Avoid skin-aging sugar as much as possible, and try to keep your diet low-carb (a few whole-grain foods are fine). Create meals using lean grilled meats and veggies, and choose healthy snacks like fruits and yogurt. Protein shakes are a great way to start the day with a boost of energyβ€”just try mixing protein powder with ingredients like almond milk or yogurt and antioxidant-rich fruits like berries. You might think that models do crazy things to stay skinny, but many of them claim that they avoid unhealthy fad diets in favor of simply eating healthy.

7. Less is More

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Many models like to tone down their looks when they aren't on the runway. They always look so fresh-faced when they're photographed out on the street, and sometimes they look even more gorgeous when they don't have tons of makeup caked on. To get this natural look, try wearing foundation without powder. For a really sheer look, use a tinted moisturizer or foundation that's been blended with a little of your favorite moisturizer. To open up your eyes without applying eye makeup, simply curl them with an eyelash curler. And here's a protip to keep that curl longer: heat your eyelash curler up with a blow dryer before using it (just make sure you test the curler with your fingers before using it to make sure that it's not too hot).

You'd think that models would have expensive beauty secrets that are out-of-reach for us normal gals, but most of these tips are surprisingly affordable and easy to try. It's also nice that they aren't aimed at making you look like a runway glamazon from a different universeβ€”most of us just want to look like pretty, normal girls that belong in the real world. So which of the simple model beauty secrets above is your fave?

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