7 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older ...


When we were younger we wore makeup wanting to look older but now that we’ve grown up, we want to make sure that we don’t make these common makeup mistakes that can make us look much older than we are! We all want to grow old gracefully but I don’t think anyone wants to fast forward the process just by the way they apply their makeup! Look over these 7 makeup mistakes that make you look older to make sure you’re always looking your best!

1. Foundation Foul

One of the biggest makeup mistakes a woman can make is to pile on foundation with the hopes of it hiding all of her blemishes and fine lines. Too much product actually exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles by settling into them so it’s best to use a light hand when applying foundation. For a more youthful looking glow, choose a lightweight liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB cream over a heavy foundation or powder foundation that will blend beautifully into your skin!

Bare Brows
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