7 of Your Most Frustrating Summer Beauty Woes Solved ...


Solutions to your most vexing summer beauty woes are coming your way, ladies!

With every season we face unique beauty issues and the summer is surely no different!

If you’re looking for simple ways to solve common summer beauty woes such as melting makeup, fading hair color and more, you’ve got to keep reading below to get the 411 on your summer beauty 911s!

1. Sunburned Skin

One of the top summer beauty woes has to be getting sunburned!

We can be total sticklers with sunscreen and shielding our skin yet still get burned.

If you’re not already sunscreen savvy and rubbing your face and body down with a broad spectrum sunscreen thirty minutes before going out, get on it!

Prevention is key, but we all know sometimes sunburns just happen.

In this case, use an ice compress to help relieve pain and cool down your skin, as well as applying a hydrocortisone cream.

If you still can’t get relief with these home remedies, take a trip to the doctor’s office for stronger relief.

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