7 Tricks to Simplifying Your Beauty Routine This Year ...


Simplifying your beauty routine is much easier than you think!

If you resolved to be more organized this year or just want to shave some time off of your morning routine, I’ve got 7 excellent tricks to simplifying your beauty routine that’ll make getting gorgeous faster, easier and so much more enjoyable!

Going through your beauty routine shouldn’t be a chore and with these simple tips to speed up your beauty routine, you’ll be sitting pretty in no time!

1. Shower the Night before

One of the easiest ways to simplify your beauty routine is to shower the night before.

This way, you’re all clean, you can wash and dry your hair and you’ll be all primed to go the next morning.

I know how great it feels to face the day fresh out of the shower, but we can skip it for the sake of saving time, right?

If you just can’t skip your morning shower, skip washing your hair and use dry shampoo instead so you’re not spending extra time washing, drying and styling your hair.

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