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7 Awesome anti-aging Tips That Just Take Minutes ...

By Rosalina

If you're looking in the mirror and noticing that Old Father Time seems to be working his magic, there are some awesome anti-aging tips that take just minutes and don't involve a trip to the plastic surgeon. As we get older, it's inevitable that the lines will start to give away our age but there are some simple things that can halt the hands of time, just take minutes and don't cost the earth. So here are my top anti-aging tips that you will easily be able to incorporate into your lifestyle.

1 Lovely Locks

Frizz can add years to your look and it screams anything but youth and vitality. Constant blow drying, coloring, straightening and exposure to the elements can take its toll on your marvelous mane over the years, so make sure you treat yourself to intensive moisture treatments regularly to inject that shine and moisture back into your locks. Invest in a good serum too, to add that just-walked-out-of-the-salon and feeling fabulous look. Also, speak to your hairdresser about adopting a more youthful hairstyle if you feel as though it may be aging you. For example, for a sweet and girly look a la Cameron Diaz, go for side-swept bangs with soft and rounded ends and if you have fair skin, avoid a dark and monotone color which can look harsh and lacks dimension. This is one of my favorite anti-aging tips.

2 White Teeth

Teeth are another age give-away. If you smoke or drink excessive amounts of coffee, chances are they're a little stained. But fear not, there are ways in which you can turn your not so pearly whites whiter and turn back the aging clock. Buy a whitening toothpaste or try oil-pulling with coconut oil. This involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth for twenty minutes every morning and aside from being a great de-toxifyer, it's wonderful for whitening teeth. Also, think about the lipstick you're using as this may be making your teeth look yellow. Red lipsticks with a cool blue undertone can make your teeth look whiter.

3 Wardrobe Re-Think

Your wardrobe could be adding years to your look so see if it's time for a wardrobe re-shuffle. What were you wearing 10 years ago? If you're wearing the same outfits then it may be time to have a think about whether you really should be wearing the same things. No one wants to hear the words 'mutton' and 'lamb' whispered as they're walking past so be sure to go for flattering clothes which are at the same time current and fresh. Make the most of your figure too and don't hide behind baggy jumpers or pants.

4 Eyebrows

Your brows shape your face and actually have the power to take years off you. Opt for fuller and natural arches and as tempting as it may be, don't go overboard. I once did and actually started to look like a boiled egg. Not a good look.

5 Facial Exercises

As you age, those facial muscles will lose their tautness and a natural face lift will help to turn back the years. Facial exercises are a simple way to slow down the signs of aging and whilst it may look a little odd as you're doing it (my partner has walked in on me on more than one occasion having what he describes as a facial fit) they're actually really effective. Check out for her top tips on facial exercises and improving muscle tone in your facial muscles.

6 H2O

Water is so important and I don't go anywhere without a bottle of water. I drink about two liters a day and recent research has shown that regular consumption of water can reduce wrinkles by up to 24% in women aged 24 to 43. Also, water can help you when you think that hunger is striking as quite often, we can mistake thirst for hunger. Drink some water when you think you're feeling hungry and you will notice that all you actually needed was some rehydration. Like we needed any more excuses to fill up our water bottles, ladies!

7 Straighten up

Those of you who have had some dance experience will probably have quite a good posture from years of ballet or other dance training. Posture is key in dancing and also helps to turn back hands the on the aging clock. I used to do ballet, tap and modern when I was younger and I regret giving it up. Sometimes I think that had I kept at it, I could have been as good as the great Darcy Bussell, although my mother assures me that having had all the grace and poise of Nelly the Elephant, that would never have been the case. Anyway, poor posture can actually add a few more years onto your actual age and remember, if you don't straighten up, it can become a permanent stoop, which no one wants. Just imagine that there is a piece of string that runs through your body and comes out of your head (weird I know) and that it is being pulled up. Just lift your chin, relax, walk tall and voila, instant confidence and a decade dropped in seconds.

These are just a few ways to halt the hands of time and they're not even that labour intensive. Does anyone have any other great anti-aging tips?


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