7 Need-to-Know Beauty Tips That You'll Want to Follow ...


7 Need-to-Know Beauty Tips That You'll Want to Follow ...
7 Need-to-Know Beauty Tips That You'll Want to Follow ...

It's fantastic when we hear of need to know beauty tips and secrets that broaden our knowledge of how to better our beauty routines! The smallest tips and tricks can make a world of difference in your hair, makeup, skin and nails. Hopefully these 7 need to know beauty tips will change up your look for the better!

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The Secret to Beachy Waves

The Secret to Beachy Waves Soft, beachy waves are an effortlessly sexy look but still put together. Usually beachy waves are achieved using a salt spray which gives hair a little curl and dryness, mimicking a day at the beach. But salt sprays can leave the hair stiff and dried out. To combat this, simply use a hair serum beforehand which deeply moisturizes the hair and protects it from damage. The best part is it doesn't interfere with any product or styling process but enhances it, which is one of those sought after need to know beauty tips.


Dry, Flaky Lips

Dry, Flaky Lips For soft, supple lips that look and feel great, it's essential that we care for them like any other body part. And moisturized lips are the best way to achieve rich lip color that's long lasting. Before bed, try gently massaging your lips with a wet towel to remove dead skin and pink up your lips. Then apply a good lip balm (I actually love coconut oil!).


A Few Lipstick Tricks

A Few Lipstick Tricks For long-lasting lip color, you need to know a few tricks of proper application. Smile for lipstick application which will reach every part of your lips, including corners. Wait a minute or two after the first coat, blot with a tissue, and then lightly dust with translucent powder before applying the second layer. You can also apply light concealer around your lips to prevent bleeding.


Take off Makeup before Bed

Take off Makeup before Bed I know I'm guilty of this one! Often times you're so tired from the day's activities that you can easily forget to take off your makeup before bed. This isn't a good habit for healthy, radiant skin because leaving on makeup overnight can cause unsightly breakouts and irritation. An easy solution would be to leave makeup removing wipes nearby, like on your bathroom sink or nightstand. Then there are no excuses.


Longer-Lasting Manicure

Longer-Lasting Manicure Don't you hate when you have perfectly painted nails and then they chip within just a couple days? The best way increase the life of your mani is to first apply a base coat. Then apply an even and thin layer of color, wait for it to set in a bit, and then apply another coat. For the second coat, make sure to sweep the polish lightly across the tips of your nails to seal in the polish. Finish with a quick dry top coat. This method has my polish lasting a week.


Wear the Right Shade of Foundation

Wear the Right Shade of Foundation For the longest time I wore the wrong shade of foundation (and the wrong type)! It would look good in indoor lighting but as soon as I saw myself in natural light, it was usually a bit shocking. The purpose of foundation is to cover any blemishes and smooth out uneven skin tone. It should look like you're not wearing anything while having smooth even skin. Foundation should not be darker than your skin tone, as this can leave splotch marks when it fades and it's difficult to blend - nor should it be lighter, which washes you out. Select a color against your jawline and select a type based on the condition of your skin (i.e. liquid foundation for dry skin).


Defined Eyebrows

Defined Eyebrows Fuller, shaped eyebrows are totally in right now! The more natural they look, the better they shape the rest of your face! So, to fill in any gaps in your eyebrows. First pluck any stray hairs, brush them up and trim any longer hairs. The key then is to define them with two different shades. This creates more dimension in your brows. Try a darker color in the center of your brows and lighter along the lines, with no harsh pencil lines.

There are tons of interesting, fun and super helpful beauty tips out there that are great to follow, not only for added self confidence but also for saving time and energy! What are some of your favorite need to know beauty tips? Readers and myself alike would love to hear them!

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John Frieda hair serum is really good for beach waves

I love

Do you hav to put hair serum and the salt spray in when ur hair is wet?

Love the hair

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This is really good advice!

Love the tips

What type of hair serum do you think is the best

The nail polish every one say the same, but when i Apply even altra thin coats you asa they dry you Can remove Them like one pice of plastic. Only shelace it works for women how dont have a maid home

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