7 Ten Minute Beauty Tips to Make Your Life Easier ...


7 Ten Minute Beauty Tips to Make Your Life Easier ...
7 Ten Minute Beauty Tips to Make Your Life Easier ...

Ten minute beauty tips can help us all, right ladies? No one wants to be in the bathroom for hours every morning pampering ourselves; we want that extra little bit of sleep! Every little bit helps in the morning but my absolute tip is to splash your face with cold water at least 10 times each morning (which I do!). I also love to practice these ten minute beauty tips.

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Keep Everything Together

Keep Everything Together First off, this is one of the greatest ten minute beauty tips that you should all start to do. Keep your everyday makeup together in one compartment in your makeup bag for easy access. Try separating your makeup for the different occasions you need it, such as weddings, dates and even travel.


Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted Moisturizer Not only does a tinted moisturizer make your skin look fresh, but also it skips the step of putting on moisturizer and then cover up. Slap this on and run out for class or to catch that bus, and try getting one with SPF as well. This is also great for taking any redness out of your skin.


Skip the Blow Dryer

Skip the Blow Dryer If you are in a rush in the morning because you are notoriously famous for hitting the snooze 20 times, keep reading. Blow-drying your hair takes up a lot of time, so try showering and doing your hair the night before. My best tip is to throw your hair in a top bun (wet!) or a side braid. You’ll be shocked how much time you’ll save!


Figure out What You Need Most Time on…

Figure out What You Need Most Time on… If you know you want to spend more time perfecting your eyes in the morning, make a mental note to find ways to rush the other parts of your beauty regimen. Pull out the absolute musts and have them laid in front of you. The more you look into your makeup drawers, the longer your time in front of the mirror will be.



FOCUS! I know this sort of sounds dumb, but I get very distracted and somewhat bored while doing my makeup. Lock yourself in there and really focus on getting your hair and makeup done at once. Allocate the right amount of time for your coffee, makeup and getting dressed. It’s almost like a personal schedule!


Keep a Tinted Lip Gloss in Your Purse

Keep a Tinted Lip Gloss in Your Purse So this might not be 100% about your morning, but it will help. If you are anything like me, you wear the same lipstick day in and day out. Keep that in your purse so you can put that on when you’re on the subway or walking into the office. Think about steps that you can minimize while in the bathroom and could maybe do en route. (DO NOT put makeup on while driving!)


Set Your Alarm 5 Minutes Earlier

Set Your Alarm 5 Minutes Earlier I just started doing this about a month ago, and it actually helps. If you are setting your alarm to get up at 7, set it for 6:55 or a tad later. The extra minutes will help as maybe you can't cut any time on your beauty regime.

Don’t cut anything out that you don’t want to. An extra couple minutes in the morning will make a huge difference to you feeling great all day long. What is your number one beauty tip for skipping out on time in the bathroom?

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would be nice to do all these

I love this article !

Waking up 5 minutes early makes a HUGE difference! Thank you!!

The lip gloss & parfum in the purse work for me, thank you

Good article !

How can I get rid from dark cercles on my eyes???

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