8 Beauty Fixes You Can Find in Your Kitchen Right Now ...


8 Beauty Fixes You Can Find in Your Kitchen Right Now ...
8 Beauty Fixes You Can Find in Your Kitchen Right Now ...

There are so many beauty fixes in your kitchen, you really don't need to buy any more beauty products from the store. Whether you realize it or not, your kitchen is a veritable treasure trove of ingredients, the majority of which are better for you than anything you can buy anyway. I love kitchen beauty fixes because they're versatile, they're easy to use, and they lend themselves well to a variety of recipes – and not just for cooking, either! If you're interested in awesome DIY home beauty products, just keep reading. There are eight great ones you can start using today!

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Olive Oil

Of all the beauty fixes in your kitchen, olive oil is the most versatile. Olive oil lends itself well to so many beauty fixes, in addition to being an excellent ingredient in a number of recipes. If you've got dry skin, slather it on the worst areas and you'll end up with baby smooth skin. It's also great to use olive oil after you've exfoliated. Put some in your hair, especially if it's dry or damaged. You can use it as a conditioner in the shower or, after drying your hair, you can add just a little bit to the ends, which also benefits split ends.



In addition to being a sweet treat, honey is a fabulous beauty fix in your kitchen. It works wonders for hair and for skin. This versatile, all natural substance works as a humectant, so it keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized, plus it's both an antifungal agent and an antiseptic. If you have acne, random pimples, or other broken blemishes, a blot of honey helps immensely. Mixed with conditioner, it's also an amazing mask for your hair, making it shiny, healthy, and hydrated. Just make sure the mixture is more conditioner than honey, so it won't goo up your hair. If you're careful, you can also cover your lips with a bit before you go to sleep – you won't believe your pout!


Apple Cider Vinegar

If you're looking for a natural exfoliant, look no further! Applying apple cider vinegar to your skin is the next best thing to an expensive chemical peel, and you won't need to visit a dermatologist. All you do is soak a cotton pad or ball and dab vinegar over your face. Keep it away from your eyes, of course! You'll need to let it remain for 30-45 minutes, after which you rinse and then apply some olive oil to soothe your skin and leave it supple.


White Sugar

You might be trying to cut sugar out of your diet, but it's still one of the best beauty fixes in your kitchen! It's ideal for exfoliation. Sugar scrubs are delightful, whether you use them on your skin or your lips. All you have to do is rub a handful of sugar into your skin, using a soft cloth to aid you. You may even want to mix it into your body wash!



Here's something a little less sweet you can use in a variety of ways. Salt, like sugar, is one of the most versatile kitchen beauty fixes you can find in your kitchen. It, too, is fantastic for exfoliation, especially when used in the same way as sugar. Mind you, it's much better to use sea salt rather than ordinary table salt. Use it when your skin is dry, and make sure you moisturize when you're finished. If you have facial blemishes, you might try mixing the sea salt with honey, which creates a paste you apply to the problem areas. I've been told it stings, but works like a dream. A bit if sea salt in your shampoo is also fantastic for your hair – but not if you've recently colored it, especially if you used a shade of red!



Let's stay on exfoliating fixes for a moment, shall we? Of course, that's just one of the things coffee can be used for. Use dry grounds on your skin, in the same way as sugar and salt; you'll love using it before you hop in the shower. The grounds can also mix with a face wash – you'll really wake up your skin! When it's brewed, a coffee rinse brings out gorgeous highlights and lowlights in your hair, especially if it's darker blond, brunette, or shades of red or auburn. You can also try mixing it with your conditioner and use it in the shower!



Lemons and lemon juice are absolutely amazing. They're among the best beauty fixes in your kitchen right now. Even if you get the juice that comes in a squeezable lemon, it's worth having around at all times. You can naturally lighten your hair or bring out existing highlights. Soaking your fingernail in lemon juice gets rid of any stains or yellowing. Mix lemon juice with some baking soda and brush your teeth, as well, to really lighten your pearly whites. Better still, if you want some quick hydration early in the morning, a glass of warm water and lemon juice really gets you going!



This is an excellent find, and one of the most helpful kitchen beauty fixes I've ever come across. If your skin is at all discolored or patchy or if you have any scars from pimples or acne, it will definitely be your new best friend. Make sure you have lime juice, which is also great for fading facial problems, and then apply the mixture onto your skin – but only on the areas that are scarred or discolored. Let the paste remain in place for 15-20 minutes, then use warm water to rinse. However, your skin might be a bit yellow – not for long, mind, but don't try this one before work or a hot date or anything!

With all the beauty fixes in your kitchen, you can easily find something for any beauty problem. Condition your hair, make a facial mask, get rid of blemishes … the possibilities are endless, especially since you can also combine many of these things to make other beauty recipes. It all depends on what you need, but whatever it is, you'll find a fix for it. What home beauty products do you enjoy making the most?

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Love love love this!

How do you do the honey on your hair?

twice a month I use olive oil to my hair, cover them and leave it there all the night. It's the best!

What face wash would you all recommended for number 6? Or does it not matter?

olive oil is the best, it leaves your skin amazing!

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