10 Dreadful Beauty Mishaps to Avoid ...


10 Dreadful Beauty Mishaps to Avoid ...
10 Dreadful Beauty Mishaps to Avoid ...

I think we’ve all experienced a few beauty mishaps in our time; maybe it was a case of home hair color gone wrong or trusting your waterproof makeup too much. However, there are some awful beauty disasters that we should all avoid and I feel that it’s my duty to warn you of these potential beauty disasters. Keep on reading to ensure that you don’t fall victim to any of these cosmetic catastrophes!

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Chemical Peels

Remember Sex and the City’s beauty disaster when Samantha got a chemical peel at the recommendation of her dermatologist, and she walked out looking like beef carpaccio? Well, if your skin is super sensitive or you happen to get a less than attentive technician working on you, you could very well walk out with redness, discoloration, and burning. Many spas offer less concentrated versions of the type of chemical peels you see at a dermatologist’s office, so don’t assume it’s harmless just because it’s readily available!


Home Waxes

This next potential boo-boo is one of the beauty mishaps that can be avoided with patience plus some research beforehand so you too can avoid an at-home waxing disasters. Facial and body waxing isn’t as easy as it may seem; you can easily give yourself burns, rip off skin, or even get an infection! Read the instructions carefully and make sure the wax is the right temperature before you apply it to the skin. Also, remember not to go over the same area with a wax strip repeatedly!


Nail Infections

Beauty mishaps can be abundant in nail salons where you’re exposing your feet and nails to possible nicks and cuts on top of potentially unclean tools and tubs. An unknowing client could contract athlete’s foot, warts, Mycobacterium fortuitum, MRSA, and even the Swine flu! Most spas are very clean and careful about the tools they use, however, not all are as diligent about cleaning as they should be. Be sure you only visit reputable salons and make sure all tools used on you are new or cleaned.


Brazilian Waxes

Waxes involving your undercarriage area should always be done with great care in order to avoid any beauty disasters, because sometimes these tragedies do happen to even the most fastidious people so beware! There are some cases of hot wax dripping down to the labial region causing cuts and burns! Of course you could easily have a shaving disaster down under too, so just use extreme caution when dealing with that area!


Tanning Bed Burns

Tanning beds are still widely used despite the numerous warnings of the dangers of cancer as well as other beauty mishaps. Therefore if you insist on using tanning beds, I must caution you to get to know your skin well before tanning. You should also make certain that you protect your eyes, ensure you aren’t taking any medication that could cause increased sensitivity to the tanning, and avoid staying on the bed longer than recommended. Tanning bed burns are different than traditional sunburns so be careful out there!


Permanent Makeup

Anytime something permanent on your face is involved, you are dealing with possible beauty mishaps. In the case of permanent makeup, you could end up getting a botched tattooed makeup job from an unlicensed permanent makeup technician, who could be using ink that’s not approved for use on the skin as well. Your tattoo could also fade or causes discoloration. Look for properly credentialed technicians who work out of a proper office and make sure to do your research on the tech and see their portfolio.


Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a dream come true for people like me who have short and thin lashes. But, when it comes to getting eyelash extensions, it could cause another possible beauty disaster. Lash extensions involve gluing individual eyelashes by your natural lashes and the majority of the time it turns out great and everyone’s happy. Sometimes, if you aren’t a good candidate for extensions or subpar products are used it can cause damage to the eyelid, it could also cause you to have gaps in your natural lashes, or stubbier lashes than before. Think about the pros and cons of extensions thoroughly before you commit!


Hair Extensions

We all love a full head of hair that’s long and full of body, but hair extensions can be a potential beauty disaster. Glue-in and clip-on extensions can both cause hair to shed, thin, and even cause bald spots. Some ladies who wear extensions for a long period of time have discovered that they had to start regrowing their natural hair after taking their extensions out. Doctors have warned women to go to a reputable salon and avoid wearing extensions for long periods of time, so be sure to take this advice as well.


Hair Dyes

We can easily change our hair color from light to dark and back again by simply visiting a drugstore or salon. But even as harmless as it might seem, hair dyes still have a chance of being one of the preventable beauty mishaps on this list. Skin allergies including rashes and facial swelling and hair loss were among the dangers and disasters associated with hair dye use. To avoid hair loss, always use the dye exactly as directed, rinse dye out with warm water, and avoid mixing dyes. Whenever you’re going to dye your hair at home, do the skin allergy test to ensure you haven’t developed a new allergy.


Sharing Makeup

I know how it is, you’re in a beauty emergency and your friend comes to the rescue with her makeup bag, but sharing makeup is another beauty disaster. Sharing makeup like eye shadows and mascara can cause pink eye as well as other infections, and sharing lipstick can spread cold sores. So, avoid sharing makeup no matter how close you are to your pal and always make sure you throw out old makeup!

I sure hope you’ve never had to encounter any of these beauty mishaps. Some of these beauty disasters can be downright embarrassing or even cause serious long-term damage. I’m not here to pick on any of these procedures and the professionals who do them, just be aware of the potential dangers and be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true!

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eyelash extensions should cause absolutely NO damage to the lid or lash follicle, if done CORRECTLY. the problem is that too many technicians out there take shortcuts on what should otherwise be a very tedious process causing trauma to the lashes and giving lash extensions a bad rap. do your research on your technician before you get extensions ladies !

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