7 Beauty Pointers on Hiding Allergy Symptoms ...


7 Beauty Pointers on Hiding Allergy Symptoms ...
7 Beauty Pointers on Hiding Allergy Symptoms ...

Did you know that there are some effective beauty tips you can use in hiding allergy symptoms? Having allergies is the pits and it’s even worse when the symptoms are written all over your face! I’ve dealt with allergies for many years so I know how awful allergies are and how hard it can be to hide the symptoms. So, join me as we learn some effective tips in hiding allergy symptoms and putting our best face forward!

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Eye Drops

The first and perhaps most important step in hiding allergy symptoms is to use eye drops! Eye drops that are formulated for allergies will relieve redness, itchy eyes and even help relieve some of the puffiness from allergies. Make this one of the first steps in your beauty routine so by the time you’ve moved on to eye makeup, your eyes will be much whiter and brighter!


Wash Your Hair

Another one of the beauty tips for allergies that can really help hide symptoms is to wash your hair. Allergens can accumulate on your hair and clothes during the day so it’s best to wash them off. If you don’t want to wash your hair every day, which is totally understandable, make sure you shake your hair out outside so you get rid of the allergens and dust on your hair that might aggravate your allergies later.


Put It on Ice

In addition to using eye drops, a great way to calm some of the puffiness around the eye area and around your face is to rub ice cubes on them. Rubbing ice cubes on your face will not only help you wake up but the ice has been known to tighten your pores also! When you wake up in the morning, grab your eye drops and ice cubes before you apply makeup for best results.


Drink Water

The next beauty tip for allergies suggests that while applying ice to your face to reduce puffiness is effective, drinking water can be just as helpful in relieving nasal congestion and puffiness. Drinking water is beneficial for so many things and it’s especially useful while your allergies are acting up, since it’ll help detox our system and keep us hydrated.


Conceal Redness

A telltale sign of allergy face is a raw, red nose. It’s bad enough that our nose is sore and raw from frequently blowing our nose but it’s also bright red, so everyone thinks I’m either drunk or sick. There are a couple ways to handle this, we can apply a soothing ointment like Aquaphor on our nose and we can use a yellow or green-based concealer to hide the red.


Keep Brushes Clean

Makeup brushes can be a drag to clean but if you’ve got allergies, a dirty makeup brush could make all the difference. Makeup brushes and makeup bags can harbor allergens and bacteria which can trigger a reaction. Clean your makeup brushes regularly and wipe down your makeup bag with makeup remover wipes or your favorite brush cleaner to keep it free of annoying allergens.


Choose Blue

If you can handle wearing eye makeup, using blue eye liner or mascara can help make the whites of your eyes appear whiter and clearer, which in turn can help you look more rested. Make sure that any makeup you’re using is hypo-allergenic and that it’s clean.

It is possible to have allergies and not let the whole world know! With a little planning and using the right beauty products, you can certainly hide the telltale signs of the seasonal monster! Do you use any special beauty tricks to deal with allergies?

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