7 Expert ๐Ÿ‘ŒBeauty Tips for Girls Who Want Groomed Brows โ˜บ๏ธ ...

Itโ€™s no secret that groomed brows look great, but getting them can be a daunting task. You donโ€™t want to overdo it, but you want to keep things from looking ragged and hairy in the area above your eyes. Turns out there are some great tips out there that will help you get the best looking brows youโ€™ve ever had. Get ready for all the girls to ask you how you do it.

1. You Need More than a Pair of Tweezers

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Tweezers may be your tool of choice when you groom your brows, but it shouldnโ€™t be the only one. Brow experts suggest also using an eyebrow brush, scissors and an eyebrow pencil. Each tool has its job to do and when you combine all of them, you can easily get the brows you want without mess ups or frustration from using the wrong tools.

2. Decide Where Youโ€™re Going to Groom before You Start

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Before you start plucking or cutting brow hairs, figure out exactly where you want your brows to be. Having a plan and a map before you get started can help you ensure that you donโ€™t pull out too many hairs because an over plucked look isnโ€™t a good thing. It also ensures that both brows look the same and are proportional to one another, which balances out your whole look.

3. Brush Your Brows up

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If you plan to use scissors to shorten long brow hairs, brush them upward first. Then you can trim the hairs that extend above your brow bone. Be careful not to pull with your scissors while you do this or you could wind up pulling out brow hairs that you wanted to leave. Donโ€™t cut the hairs too short or it could leave you with bald patches in your brows.

4. Pluck in the Direction Your Hairs Grow

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Once youโ€™re done trimming, youโ€™re ready to tweeze stray hairs. Always pull them out in the direction they grow. This ensures that you get the hair out at the root and cuts down a little bit on the sting of plucking. Make sure you tweezers are really sharp because theyโ€™ll do a better job of snatching each hair than a dull pair will.

5. Pluck from Your Nose Outward

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If you pluck randomly across your brows you run the risk of pulling too many or missing a few. Start near your nose and work your way outward toward your temples. As you go, youโ€™ll be able to see the stray brow hairs more easily and cut down on the amount of time it takes to finish the job because you wonโ€™t have to go back and forth making sure you didnโ€™t miss anything.

6. Donโ€™t Battle with Your Natural Shape

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Your eyebrows arenโ€™t exactly the same so donโ€™t worry about plucking the same number of hairs or cutting as large an area on each brow. As long each brow is perfectly groomed, no one will be able to notice if they are just a different. My right eyebrow doesnโ€™t grow back in as fast my left, for example.

7. Find the Perfect Match in Your Brow Pencil

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If you do need to fill in sparse brows or add a bit more definition to your brows, you need a pencil that is a perfect match to your brows. Something that is too light or too dark will look funny, rather than natural. Experiment to find the perfect color for your brows.

Which of these tips do you plan to use? What other ideas can you add?

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