Savvy Tricks for Getting Every Last Drop out of Your Beauty Products ...

By Neecey

Savvy Tricks for Getting Every Last Drop out of Your Beauty Products ...

Don’t you just hate packaging: tubes that you can never squeeze out all the product; jars you can’t reach the bottom of and weird shaped containers of all sorts? This is especially maddening with your beauty and makeup products. And then there are those times you think you have to throw something away because it’s spoiled, or you’re panicked because there’s only a tiny drop left. You’ll never have to stop replenishing your products but you can certainly know some tricks to get the very last drop of them and make them go a little further.

1 Cut and Scrape Your Tubes

When nothing is coming out of a squeeze tube anymore, before you throw it away cut it open and use what you can scrape out of the sides. It is usually more than you think!

2 Put Your Old Mascara Tube in Warm Water

If your mascara is running out, then put the tube in a glass of warm water to loosen up the product on the inside. You might get a few more uses out of it before it’s totally gone.

3 Add Face Lotion to Your Foundation

When you are down to the last few scrapes of foundation, then add some face lotion to it to make your very own tinted moisturizer. This can save you from having to waste remains of expensive foundation!

4 Remove the Rubber Ring on Your Lip-Gloss

Pop off the rubber ring on your lip-gloss tube neck to collect more from it when you are running out. The ring is like a squeegee for excess gloss, but when there is no excess it can just act as a hindrance!

5 Bring Pressed Powder Back to Life with Tape

Remove the hard top layer of old pressed powder by running a strip of packaging tape over it to make it look brand new. So many people throw away good powder because they don’t realize there is still good stuff underneath.

6 Spray Rubbing Alcohol on Your Eye Shadow Palette

Add rubbing alcohol to a small spritz bottle and spray over the shades that are starting to look a little muddy. You will soon start to see the true hue of the shades again.

7 Fix Crushed Eye Shadow with Rubbing Alcohol

Pour rubbing alcohol in to the crushed powder and mix it in to a paste. Press it all back together with the back of a spoon and leave the alcohol to evaporate. You will be left with a perfect repaired product.

8 Warm Water to Loosen Your Nail Polish

If you find a perfectly good nail polish that is glued shut from residue, stick the handle portion in a glass of warm water to help it loosen up.

9 Use Saline Solution to Revive Dried Mascara

If your mascara gets a little clumpy long before its use by date, drop a few dollops of saline solution on to it and it will give it a new lease of life so you don’t have to spend on a new one.

10 Spoolie Brush for Cleaning False Lashes

Use a spoolie brush and a bottle of rubbing alcohol to gently brush your false lashes in order to get rid of any dried glue or old makeup residue that might be sticking to them. They’re now good for some extra wears.

11 Weld a Broken Lipstick Back Together

Use a lighter to carefully heat up the ends of your broken lipstick so that you can stick it back together again. Let it cool down as a mended singular piece. Hey presto!

12 Petroleum Jelly + Eye Shadow = Lip Color!

Add the crushed powder remnants of an old eye shadow to some petroleum jelly and you can make your very own lip color.

13 Same Goes for Nail Color!

You can also add old eye shadow pigment to a clear coat nail polish to create fun colors that might not be super common.

14 Keep Stuff in the Refrigerator

Store your lipsticks, perfumes and nail polishes in the refrigerator away from heat and light in order to extend their shelf life.

15 Extend Your Use of Fragrance Testers

Pour drops from testers you get in to bottles of unscented lotion and you will be able to create your own mild fragrance that lasts for longer.

16 Wash Your Brushes with Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is the best and most gentle solution to use to clean your make up brushes, and make sure that you do it regularly because those things can be really expensive!

17 Don’t Use Too Much Hair Product

There is a general rule for hair product like mousse and gel that on average a person uses twice as much for styling as they need to, so think about how much you use and consider whether you could try to half it.

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For Mascara: putting the tube in warm water (or in your bra) the heat will melt the product making it less clumpy!


Putting a couple eye drops in the tube gives a few more weeks of use also!


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