Fab Beauty Sleep Tips for the Nocturnal Girls of the World ...

By Alicia

Fab Beauty Sleep Tips for the Nocturnal Girls of the World ...

You need to get enough rest no matter what shift you work. Not only is sleep important to your health, it also affects your appearance. But sleep isn’t as easy to come by when you work midnight shift. Thankfully, there’re things you can do to increase the quality of your sleep and make sure it enhances your beauty even if you work midnight shift.

1 Two Words: Blackout Shades

green, cartoon, window, games, interior design, If you haven’t already treated yourself to blackout shades then you’re missing out. This savvy invention will make your bedroom look like night no matter what time it is. It’s easier for your body to fall asleep in a darkened room than one where the sunshine’s streaming through the windows. We have these in our bedroom and it’s a delight to sleep there. Even if I just want to catch a nap midday, I can rest blissfully thanks to our blackout shades.

2 Have a Bedtime Routine

girl, leisure, computer wallpaper, product, No matter what time you’re going to bed, you should have a bedtime routine. You can’t expect your body to automatically switch into sleep mode, especially when your inner clock is telling you it’s daytime. Take time to wind down before you go to bed. Enjoy some light reading or take a warm shower.

3 Don’t Neglect Your Skincare

Every woman should have a nighttime skincare routine. For you, it’s just going to be done at a different time of day. Even if it feels a little funny to be putting on night cream when the sun is coming up, don’t rob your skin of the benefits. At minimum, you should be washing your face and applying moisturizer. An eye cream can be especially beneficial when you’re on midnight shift since you’re more likely to suffer from bags under your eyes.

4 Switch to a Satin Pillowcase

bed, infant, finger, sleep, product, Satin or silk pillowcases can do marvelous things for your hair and skin. They cut frizz way down. Not only is this easier on your hair but it saves you time trying to tame it when you’re getting ready for another graveyard shift. Satin or silk pillowcases offer long-term benefits to your skin. It gives your face a smoother surface to rest on so you develop fewer wrinkles. Since it’s a known fact that working midnights is hard on your skin, this’s a benefit you don’t want to miss out on.

5 Silence Your Phone

human hair color, girl, Don’t you hate to drift off to sleep only to be woken by a notification on your phone? And most of the time, it’s nothing you care about anyways! Silence your phone so you can get a solid block of sleep. One complaint people who work midnights commonly have is how difficult it is to get back to sleep after being woken up. If silencing your phone makes you feel unnerved then at least be selective in what notifications you allow.

6 Have a Light Snack

hair, mouth, girl, It’s not good to sleep on a full belly but it’s also difficult to fall asleep if you’re starving. Compromise and have a light snack. You want enough to get you through your sleep but not enough to keep you up. The best snacks are a combination of protein and complex carbs such as peanut butter toast on whole wheat or yogurt with granola.

7 Drone out Distractions

black, cartoon, mammal, purple, fictional character, There’re a lot more distractions to wake you when you’re sleeping during the day than there are at night. Kids are playing, neighbors are mowing. You may even hear a delivery truck go by. If you’re a light sleeper then you know that any of these things is a ticket to lost sleep. Drone out distractions by a white noise machine or a fan.

These’re 7 tips to help you get your best beauty sleep, even on midnight shift. What tips can you share? Your comments are always welcome!

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