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7 French Beauty Secrets for Girls Who Want to Look beyond Chic ...

By Jessica

I think we can all agree that French women epitomize the word chic! They are classically undone, stick to minimal makeup and wardrobe choices, and adhere to a "no fuss" outlook on appearance and in life. Beautiful is an understatement! Listed below are a few secrets that keep French women looking chic 24/7!

1 Skin Care is a Must, NOT a Luxury

clothing, hair, person, brassiere, hairstyle, Many places, particularly in America, skincare is kept to a minimum and considered "pampering" when we splurge on facials and fancy face creams. However, the French way of life is much different! They spend time taking care of their skin because honestly, it's worth it to invest in the canvas that you have for life!

2 Minimal Makeup is Preferred 💄

hair, blond, eyebrow, hairstyle, model, French women don't overuse makeup. "Less is more" is the mantra applied here. Because the foundation for beauty is healthy, glowing skin, that is what's emphasized instead of layers and layers of makeup to cover up imperfections. With their dedication to skincare, it's no wonder French women can pull off the minimal look so gorgeously! It's something to think about, ladies!

3 They Stick to a Solid Skin Care Routine

blond, hair, eyebrow, person, model, Good skin is the foundation for looking and feeling your absolute best. It's what makes your skin glow and look beautiful! No matter the time it takes to care for you skin (and not just your face!), stick to what works for you and keep your routine. It should make you feel good to care for your skin, especially since it's a preventive measure for future skin troubles!

4 No Hot Showers! 💦 🚿

person, photo shoot, model, muscle, Long, steamy hot showers are a no-go for French women. Hot water strips skin making it dry, red and irritated. Warm water is where it's at, with a burst of cold water at the end of a shower to boost circulation and tone skin! And don't forget to moisturize after any water exposure!

5 Wrinkles Are Nothing to Fuss about

clothing, blond, woman, black hair, undergarment, In the States and other parts of the world, wrinkles and signs of aging are fought against tooth and nail. Extreme measures are taken, sometimes with alarming results, to achieve a youthful look we all want to maintain. The French have a different outlook, one that's much healthier in my opinion! Wrinkles are embraced because they are a sign of laughter and a life well-lived. Happiness is rooted in embracing who we are, not something we can never become!

6 Wine, Wine, Wine 🍷

spring, ritual, MICHAEL, KORS, MICHAEL, The french are always drinking wine! There's no hesitation, it's just simply part of their culture. And wine has numerous health benefits. One glass of red wine a day will improve your overall glow and here's why: wine contains anti-aging benefits, it's an anti-inflammatory, and it's full of antioxidants. Wine can slow the growth of bacteria that causes acne, it fights free radicals AND helps with heart health! Phew!! All this means your circulation and healthy glow are improved and enhanced! Drink up, ladies!

7 Incredible Food Habits! 🍞🧀

sitting, meal, chair, lady, furniture, The French eat very well but in moderation. They take their time and enjoy their food. Life is not rushed and neither are meal times. A typical diet includes fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains (hello, baguettes!), fish, olive oil, and some meat and dairy. These foods are loaded with nutrients and a we all know a proper balanced diet is a natural anti-ager!

The simplicity of French women is something to be admired. I wouldn't mind consistently slowing down life and maintaining a minimal appearance, all the while focusing on taking care of my body and forming good skin habits - all incredible goals to attain! And starting young sets the precedent for the rest of your life!

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