7 Beauty Tips for Long Luscious Lashes ...

Get noticed and make your eyes standout with these 7 beauty tips for long luscious lashes. These fabulous fringes top most women’s must-have beauty wish lists, but not all are luck enough to have them naturally, which is why these beauty tips help to create high-impact lashes in just a few new simple steps in your existing beauty routine. So forget those flashy falsies and transform your natural lashes into batting beauties with 7 beauty tips for long luscious lashes.

1. Lash Serum

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One of the best beauty tips for long luscious lashes is to use a lash serum. Lash serums are the new wave in growth solutions for long luscious lashes. These clear liquids are applied to the lashes and lash line like a liquid eyeliner for longer, stronger lashes. Lash serums contain a form of amino acid called peptides, which stimulates and encourage hair follicle growth. While there are a wide variety of formulas, the best thing about most lash serums is that they can be worn underneath mascara to nourish lashes throughout the day while boosting lash growth. For best results, use underneath mascara during the day and apply once before bed.

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