8 Essential Halloween Beauty Tips ...

By Sophia

8 Essential Halloween Beauty Tips ...

Halloween beauty tips are worth a look right now. Granted, Halloween just passed, but this is an important holiday for anyone who loves dressing up! Use these spooky beauty tips to prepare for next year! From fake blood to face paint, anything goes when it comes to creating a frightening Halloween look. Whether you’re after skin care tips or effective makeup ideas, take a look at the following beauty tips for Halloween.

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1 Test It out

Trying out some ghoulish makeup? Or what about that fake blood for that zombie costume? One of the key Halloween beauty tips is to test out your makeup beforehand. This will not only help you achieve the look you want, but it also lets you see how different products work and feel against your skin. You’ll also get an idea of how easy or hard it is to remove at the end of the night!

2 Choose Cosmetic Grade

You can pick up plenty of cheap and easy costume makeup from party stores and the like, but most of the time they can be pretty harsh on your skin. Choosing cosmetic grade beauty products like makeup and glitter will ensure that your skin’s that little bit better off for the night. After all, it's just one night a year, so splurge a little!

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3 Seal It

Make sure your makeup lasts the night by sealing it in place. You could use a makeup sealer, like Benefit’s She-Laq for example, or cheat by applying a light mist of hairspray instead. Although, if you have super sensitive skin or skin that’s prone to break outs, this is probably one of those Halloween beauty tips to avoid. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

4 Lipstick Not Only for Lips

Fake blood is a popular weapon of choice when it comes to Halloween costumes. But what if you’re planning your outfit at the last minute and don’t have any fake blood handy? Never fear, because a deep red or burgundy lipstick is a crafty alternative! Best of all? You know that it’ll come off easily at the end of the night!

5 Make It Matte

Another makeup product that does double duty is eye shadow. When it comes to Halloween beauty tips, matte eye shadow is perfect for creating those ghoulish Halloween looks. Brown and purple shades can be used for bruises and dirt, and green and white shades can be used to create corpse-like skin.

6 It’s OK to Exaggerate

If there’s one time to experiment with makeup, it’s Halloween. Go with that exaggerated eyeliner, rosy coloured cheek, or bold lip! This Halloween beauty tip is a must for getting into character!

7 Find a Good Makeup Remover

At the end of the night, you’re going to want to spend as little time as possible removing your costume makeup. Making sure you have a good makeup remover on hand will make light work of the task. You could even try removing the bulk of the makeup with makeup removal wipes and then follow up with makeup remover and cleanser.

8 Exfoliate Afterwards

Exfoliating your skin shortly after removing makeup will help it to recover from all that Halloween madness. Hopefully it’ll keep any future skin break outs at bay as well as revealing fresh, glowing skin.

Whether you’re applying an artful face of makeup or some well placed costume details, these are just a few Halloween beauty tips to consider. Hopefully they’ll make light work of both applying and removing makeup. What are your best beauty tips for Halloween?

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