7 Beauty Tips for the Morning after a Crazy Late Night ...

By Eliza

7 Beauty Tips for the Morning after a Crazy Late Night ...

Having a cache of beauty tips for the morning after a crazy night is something every girl should have. That way you don’t have to forgo a night on the town or sacrifice your looks. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a rollicking good time all night long without being doomed to look terrible the next day. Use these beauty tips for the morning after you stay up until all hours and no one will be the wiser about your nocturnal activities.

1 Curl Your Lashes

You’d be surprised how much a lash curler can counteract a late night. That’s why it’s the first on my list of beauty tips for the morning after. Use your curler, then add a couple of coats of mascara. This fast and simple technique will make you look bright eyed, even if you slept not a wink the night before.

2 Use White Eye Shadow

Not all over your lids because that might make you look ill, but white eye shadow is ideal for adding some brightness to your eyes and making them look wide awake. Dab a bit just under your brows and a bit more in the corners of your eyes nearest your nose. This tiny step is so easy to carry out and will shock you with how much more alert you’ll look.

3 Take a Cold and Warm Shower

You probably shower when you get up anyway, so go ahead and stick to your routine, even if you haven’t been to bed yet. Alternate cool and warm water, which stimulates your blood flow and can help you wake up a bit so you can put on some make-up, style your hair and look like you just woke up after hours of shut-eye. Plus, a shower will get rid of the smells of the night before, including spilled drinks, smoke and greasy take-out food.

4 Moisturize

Once you’re done with your shower, make sure you slather on a ton of lotion. It adds moisture back into your body and can give you a radiant and refreshed look even if you stayed up all night having fun. Choose a moisturizer with an invigorating scent to help you wake up. Try mint or grapefruit for a yummy dose of scent that will open your eyes and give you a dose of energy.

5 Drink Some Cold Water

Your entire body relies on adequate hydration to look awake and refreshed. Drink a couple glasses of cold water as you transition from your night out to the rest of your day. The temperature of the water will wake up your body and give your skin a glow that can mimic a long night of sleeping.

6 Wear Comfy Clothes

Part of any good beauty routine is choosing a great outfit. A late night probably has you feeling less than outstanding, but you can still look stylish and wide awake by opting for something fashionable and attractive that is comfortable. Try a loose skirt and blouse with flats or a leggings with a tunic.

7 Eat Something

While you’re putting on your make-up and styling your hair to cover up your late night, don’t forget to have something to eat too. By filling your belly, you give your body some energy, which translates to looking and feeling more refreshed and ready to face the day.

How do you cover up a late night? A large cup of tea and some make-up are my go-to steps to looking like I got a full eight hours. What keeps you up all night?

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